Once you practice forgiveness, self-love, healing your heart and your physical body, feeling deep gratitude for the blessings in your life, practice the sacred act of awakening and opening your heart. 

Awakening Your Heart: Your heart awakens when you begin to be aware of it. Focus your attention on the center of your chest where your spiritual heart is and feel the energy there. 

Opening Your Heart:  Your heart opens when many of the blockages have been removed as a result of a practice of healing, gratitude, forgiveness and self-love. You feel a wonderful expansion in the center of your chest and when you place your attention there, you feel deep peace. As you continue with the practice of being in your heart and feeling the inner peace, you are aware of the divine Presence and you feel the Creator's Pure Love, right there, in your heart. 

The following meditations are recommended for awakening and opening the heart: 

1. Meditation To Open The Heart

2. Sanctuary of the Heart

3.  To Bring Pure Love To The World

4. Meditation To Heal

5. Meditation To Heal Your Cells


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