The Paramita Bus

Mental breakdowns are all too common in the hurricane-ravaged island of Puerto Rico. There is no electricity or water for the majority living in rural areas. Food is scarce and expensive. Medical services limited. People are experiencing serious mental and emotional health issues as their lives are torn apart and there are few services available to help them cope with the traumas they face. As a result of the turmoil, the rate of suicides and suicide attempts has risen dramatically on the island.

Although the Puerto Rican people need food, water and medical supplies, they also need a way to access the inner strength and peace that will help them cope with their continuous struggle to survive.

The Paramita Path is a not-for-profit bilingual organization in North Carolina dedicated to assisting people in finding peace within through heart-centered meditation and energy healing. We have developed a comprehensive program that includes guided meditations and healing sessions that bring people into the peace of their hearts. From the inner strength that is readily available in this beautiful heart-space, we are more likely to face our difficulties with optimism, serenity and strength, regardless of the situations around us. 

It is often difficult for people to travel through the island because their cars were destroyed or they cannot afford gasoline. Therefore, we need to bring our services to them. We propose purchasing a used transit van or similar vehicle and converting it into a mobile healing unit that will offer simple meditation training and energy healing sessions to hurricane victims in their communities. The mobile unit will be called "La Guagua Paramita." (Guagua is the Puerto Rican word for bus.) We already have a team of Puerto Rican volunteers on the island ready to bring this project forward. They have been trained as energy healers and are experienced meditators who have themselves faced the difficulties of the situation in Puerto Rico with love and compassion in their hearts.

We intend to raise $25,000 and to use these funds as follows:

$15,000 for a used transit van or similar vehicle

 $5,000 to convert the van into a healing and meditation unit

 $3,000 Miscellaneous supplies and equipment, such as signs for the bus, printed flyers, audio equipment, cushions, sheets, bottled water, snacks.

$2,000 Insurance, taxes and other governmental fees.

We hope that the Paramita Bus will be an oasis where persons suffering from the traumas of loss can find relief and enjoy healing in an environment of unconditional love. 

We will keep all donors up to date on the progress of our project.

We are infinitely grateful for your loving donation. Thank you.