It is often difficult for us to maintain a spiritual practice amid the demands of our daily lives. How can you live a spiritual life in the midst of family worries, work situations and the general interference and demands for attention that intrude upon your internal silence and peace?  How can you remain faithful to the deepest longing in your heart while you live in a world filled with challenges and distractions? 

Alba offers private sessions based on guided meditations to support and facilitate your journey into the peace of your inner being.  

Meditations for Spiritual Evolution

These private sessions, through subscription, consist of three meditation cycles guided by Alba. These meditations are sent to you on MP3 files.  The 30-minute meditations are specifically designed to facilitate your spiritual progress. Each cycle contains four meditations. Each meditation offers the spiritual progression and often leaps needed to open your heart and attain higher levels of awareness. You receive one meditation a week. You are asked to listen to the meditation you receive weekly every day of that week. 

At the end of each week, you email Alba to discuss your progress. She will respond to every email you send. When you communicate with Alba you may want to ask questions and clarify the spiritual experiences you are having.  

You may subscribe to one, two or three cycles. The donations requested for the private tutoring sessions include Meditations for Spiritual Evolution, support and guidance via email and MP3 files you can download to your computer.