Origin of Sacred Enlightenment Retreats

During a deep mystical experience, potent transmissions of Light were encoded in the physical and energy bodies of our teacher Alba. She was then ready to transmit this Gift of Grace to those who wish to receive it.  This transmission, in the form of attunements, awakens you to the enlightened state that is already within you. Sacred Enlightenment retreats are held every summer in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and in Puerto Rico, in the spring (The retreat in Puerto Rico is in Spanish.) The retreats are guided by Alba.  

Sacred Enlightenment

Enlightenment awakens what is already present in you. The divine spark that is eternally connected to our Creator resides in your heart ready to light up and illuminate the peace, love, harmony and joy that you naturally are. There is nothing new about this. We already know who we are; we just haven't realized it. The seed of enlightenment is in your heart. It has always been there. Through an act of grace, this seed opens and blossoms in your heart. As a result, you feel joy and peace all the time. 

Sacred Enlightenment is a spiritual awakening that ignites your heart and allows the Light of Oneness to open your being to a profound realization of unconditional freedom, peace and love without limit. It is the end of suffering because it does not depend on anything outside of your own self. Rather, this spiritual awakening is simply discovering the joy that is inside the core of your being. It is like drawing open the drapes in a dark room to let the sun shine in. As the light floods in, you recognize who you really are: One with your Source, One with the All. This sacred enlightenment is a gift of grace that cannot be earned. You don't have to do anything or be anyone to receive it. Grace is a gift, freely given by the Creator to everyone. All you have to do is open your heart to receive it.

Spiritual awakening through a gift of grace is possible because of the Light of Oneness that is flowing to Earth. Union or Oneness with the Creator is much easier now that a potent push toward effortless enlightenment exists. It is available to all who are willing to allow it into their being. The Light of Oneness is a divine energy that allows you to transition toward a new reality of high vibrational frequencies, powered by pure Love and filled with the radiance of pure Presence.

If you wish to fill your life with the peace, love and joy of Sacred Enlightenment and are willing to open your heart and accept this Gift of Grace, we invite you to join us on this sublime journey.   

Sacred Enlightenment (Retreat I)  

During this three-day retreat,  Alba transmits the attunements and gives you specific instructions to awaken and maintain the state of enlightenment until it stabilizes in your being permanently. Within months, weeks, or even days (depending on your free will) you will enjoy a stable enlightenment experience and, if you choose to remain in this state of awakening, you can do so.  

The retreat includes:

  • Powerful attunements to ignite the flame of Sacred Enlightenment in your heart and your whole being

  • Techniques to raise your vibrations and keep them elevated at all times

  • Techniques to raise the vibration of emotions

  • Activation of the vagus nerve and a process to keep it in optimum conditions

  • Specific techniques to surrender obstacles and attachments

  • Meditations to ground the energy of Sacred Enlightenment in your being

  • Specific steps to maintain awareness that you are your Infinite Self

  • Method to connect to your alternate self

  • Orally transmitted teachings

  • Love, Love, Love …. and more Love

Sacred Enlightenment (Retreat II)

Although in the first retreat all necessary attunements and teachings are given in order to awaken to enlightenment, it is important to maintain this sacred state in everyday life by staying in the high level of vibration achieved during the retreat. In order to do so, many participants from the first retreat requested a "tune-up." 

The second Sacred Enlightenment retreat includes the following and much more: 

  • Unification of the Luminous Body

  • Activation of your crystalline body

  • A beautiful technique to absorb Pure Light

  • New glandular and cellular activations

  • New teachings on cellular healing

  • A beautiful attunement to activate the Mouth of God that exists in a dormant state in your energy body

  • Additional practices to open your heart more and more

  • Love, Love, Love …. and more Love

The second three-day retreat is offered in response to the request of Retreat I participants. It offers an opportunity to deepen and expand the experience of Sacred Enlightenment.  

For information on the retreat schedule in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Puerto Rico, please contact us at: mail@paramitapath.org.