Your Permanent Atoms

Your Permanent Atoms


In the center of our energy bodies there are focal points of creative Light used by our soul to create the body layers around our physical body. These layers include the physical (etheric) body layer, the emotional body layer and the mental body layer. These three body layers deeply affect our material body and the mental and emotional aspects of our being. When these body layers are balanced and strong, they offer us a portal toward a higher state of consciousness even as we inhabit the density of the material world.

 These focal points of creative energy are called permanent atoms and it is possible to activate and strengthen them so that they may provide more Light to our energy body and support our spiritual evolution in more concentrated and focused ways.

The audio workshop “Your Permanent Atoms” is truly an event of Light, since it consists of a series of divine transmissions that, through meditations, you receive a potent Light that opens and activates your spiritual energy in a unique way to support and strengthen your evolution into the Light.

In this four-week series, you receive an attunement each week. The attunements are transmitted through meditation MP3 recordings which you download to your computer and listening device as soon as you enroll. As a result of the attunements you receive while listening to the meditations, the Light flows to you more powerfully for the benefit of your own spiritual evolution, but also to offer this Light to the world.

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The workshop includes the following topics:

Part 1 - Introduction to the Permanent Atoms Workshop
Part 2 - Physical Permanent Atom
Part 3 - Emotional Permanent Atom
Part 4 - Mental Permanent Atom
Part 5 - Introduction to Pure Love Permanent Atom
Part 6-  Pure Love Permanent Atom

 This audio workshop was recorded live by Alba. It includes a PDF Manual and access to six (6) MP3 recordings. As soon as you subscribe to the workshop, you will be able to download the recordings and manual.

 Prerequisites: Because of the potent attunements contained in this event of Light, you must complete the audio workshops “Awakening the Heart “and "Opening to Pure Love". This will offer you the necessary energy preparation so a more potent influx of Light may flow through you.

 As soon as we receive your payment and verify completion of prerequisites, you receive access links to the videos.