With great Love and deep respect we welcome you to the Paramita Path® website. 

Paramita is a path to enlightenment based on divine Love and an unconditional commitment to be of service.  Love is our purpose, our only purpose as we are respectfully aware of our role as instruments of God’s Love. Our message is a simple message of Love as we move through our beloved Earth with an unfaltering commitment to assist others in healing, awakening and opening their hearts.

Through workshops, meditations, and practice; Paramita assists you in opening your heart to the potent Light that is coming to our physical reality. The teachings of the Paramita Path guide you to open your heart to the Light of Pure Love and once you enter  your spiritual heart, you can realize the true purpose of your life. You have spent countless lifetimes searching for this purpose. It is in your heart that you can be aware, with absolute certainty, whether you are fulfilling your purpose in life or not. Only from your heart can you realize what you were meant to do. The heart offers you more treasures, though. For once in the heart, you remember who you really are and awaken the flame of enlightenment that is already in your heart. In the moment of spiritual awakening, you become aware of your Oneness with All That Is.

The universal teachings of the Paramita Path empower you to effect a transformation within that brings peace, harmony and love to the world around you. Our online meditations, workshops and practices allow for participation from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home.

We invite you to browse through our website. If the words and images you see resonate in your heart, please give us a call or write. We would love to hear from you.

May all who visit this site be blessed with love, peace and joy and may they awaken to enlightenment in this lifetime for the benefit of all beings.

In an instant the deep awareness that the Creator’s consciousness is All filled my being. Everything dissolved except the Creator and I understood that the Creator is pure consciousness and the Creator is All. All that is, is the Creator’s pure consciousness and this consciousness manifests as Pure Love. There is nothing else and we are the physical manifestation of this consciousness of Pure Love. At that moment I dissolved in the All that is the Beloved Creator.
— Alba Ambert

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Our Teacher

The Paramita Path was founded by Alba Ambert as the result of a spiritual transformation many years ago. Here, she describes her spiritual awakening:

Once this experience settled in her being, a powerful infusion of Light brought a new energy of convergence into her physical and energy bodies. This Light generated an activation of specific patterns and codes of Light. In a series of  profound mystical experiences, she received the Paramita Path. Since then Alba is transmitting the Gift of Grace of Sacred Enlightenment to others. She continues to receive potent infusions of Light that she transmits through attunements in webinars, workshops, retreats and private sessions. She is the author of The Seven Powers of Spiritual EvolutionYour Sacred Space and A Path of Light

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