Donations: A Spiritual Practice

In all spiritual traditions, giving is considered an essential spiritual practice. In the Paramita Path tradition, the practice of offering material assistance to our spiritual path is done through donations. Through this offering of love, we acknowledge the transforming power of the teachings and transmissions with which the Paramita Path enriches our lives. We also express our desire to uplift humanity by helping to make the teachings of Pure Love of the Paramita Path widely available to all those who are called.

As with all spiritual practices, donations bring their own blessings and gifts to us as we practice giving. People often find that making these donations opens their hearts and nurtures their capacity to give in all aspects of their lives. As we engage in the natural cycle of giving and receiving, we find our own experience of gratitude is magnified. And on a more mystical level, as we engage in our spiritual offering, we deepen our capacity to receive and assimilate the grace flowing from the teachings we receive.

We offer donations with love, to that which we love. Through this practice, we consciously acknowledge and strengthen our commitment to our spiritual path.

We invite you to explore this beautiful spiritual practice by offering donations to the Paramita Path. All donations are used to transmit the teachings of Pure Love of the Paramita Path --including this website, recorded meditations, videos, scholarships, healings and other transmissions of Love-- to all who wish to awaken to the Creator's radiant Love. 

The Paramita Path is a not-for-profit organization. We are grateful for your donations which allow us to continue transmitting the teachings of Pure Love through these pages and our online meditations, workshops and videos. We offer scholarships, a free distant healing service and other gifts of Light to all who wish to awaken to the radiant Love of our Beloved Creator.

We thank you, infinitely, for your support.