A Program To Heal, Awaken And Open Your Heart

Love is everything.  There is nothing else. Love fuels our hearts and breath and every atom and subatomic particle of existence. Love is what makes us whole and awakens the divinity that we already are. This is the Creator's Love, a Love that manifests in countless expressions of Light. This is Pure Love and it is everywhere. It is within you. All you need to do to enjoy the bliss of divine Love in your heart is open your heart so you may be conscious of it. It is that simple.

You heart is a beautiful vessel of God’s Love and it is right there in the center of your being. And as you open your heart and allow God’s Pure Love to enter, it will ignite within you the most luminous and radiant flow of Light, the Light of Pure Love. This Light of Pure Love then radiates to your physical and energetic bodies. Once you are filled with the beautiful Light of Pure Love, it radiates to your life and to everything and everyone around you. This is how you have a deep impact on the world, by allowing Pure Love into your heart and radiating outward to assist others in healing and awakening. This is the foundation of peace and it is present in your heart.

Your spiritual heart is that place deep inside where your spirit resides. It is where all Truth, Wisdom and the perfect Love dwell. The heart is also what allows you to reach the realization that everything you need to progress spiritually is within yourself. Once in your heart, you not only find answers to your most fundamental questions, but you inhabit the peace, joy and Love that are there. Everything in existence collapses into the Love, for Life is all about Love. Living within the Love, loving and having compassion for others and being conscious of the Creator's Love within you is the path to true happiness and ultimately, the path to enlightenment. The heart is your key to self-realization, the path to a fundamental peace that does not depend on anything or anyone outside of you.

No one can bring you into the Pure Love in your heart, for this is a journey each person must embark on her or his own. However, we have offered our teachings of Pure Love to many people who have been able to open their hearts, absorb the Pure Love that is flowing to Earth and radiate that Light of Pure Love to everything and everyone around them. The Paramita Path has always been a path of the heart, of guidance toward the vast beauty of Pure Love. Now, our mission of Pure Love has widened in scope and we are not only offering workshops, retreats and webinars – we are opening the teachings of Pure Love to anyone with a willingness to reach deeply inside and touch that sacred space that lies in the essence of their being. This sacred space is the spiritual heart, a place of infinite peace and joy and divine presence. In this sacred space, you can open to the Creator’s Pure Love. For this purpose, we are offering a series of meditations and spiritual teachings that will assist you in opening your heart to Pure Love. In these pages, we offer you a map to your spiritual heart. The paths on this map will guide you on a beautiful journey to the Creator’s Pure Love. But remember, this Pure Love is already there, in your heart. You just have to be aware of it. 

There are several essential steps that bring you into the peace and joy of Pure Love. For each of these steps, we offer you special meditations that will help you heal, awaken and open your heart. You can listen to these guided meditations in the Meditation Room. Please visit often as new meditations will be added regularly.

You can listen to these guided meditations by entering each of the following sections:

Healing the Heart

Our hearts have accumulated many many wounds as a result of having been hurt, betrayed, punished. Each time we feel emotional pain, wounds are created in the heart, and with time these wounds form scars.


Purification requires releasing dense energies that have adhered to you as you are exposed to environmental energies, have negative thoughts and emotions or due to unnecessary attachments to persons or things.


Not forgiving is one of the greatest obstacles to opening your heart. Forgiveness is so important because as we forgive those who have hurt you, you can feel true love and compassion as you let go of the negative energies that have accumulated.


Be grateful for everything you have, everything that God has given you. Even experiences that appear to be negative offer you opportunities for growth, learning, improvement.


Awakening & Opening your Heart

While undergoing the process of forgiveness, of loving yourself, of healing your heart and perhaps even your physical body, feeling deep gratitude for the blessings in your life, you practice the sacred act of awakening and opening your heart.