The following messages have been sent to us by email, reported to us in person or by phone or observed by Paramita Path practitioners. The names and personal circumstances have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved. However, the cases themselves are as they were reported or observed by us. These are just some examples of the many miracles we have been privileged to witness. There are many more. We are grateful to the Light of the Creator that has made these miracles not only possible but commonplace.

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 Cristina is my son's wife. She is 25 years old and studying for an MBA. Several months ago, she discovered a lump in her breast and her doctor ordered additional tests. We were all devastated with the results of the biopsy. The tumor was malignant and the doctor advised surgery and radiation therapy. Cristina asked the doctor to postpone the treatment for a few weeks. In that time, she received healings from Paramita practitioners. She also took Levels 1 & II of the Paramita Path workshops and did self-healing every day. When she returned for additional tests to determine the progress of the malignancy, the doctors were amazed because her tumor had dissolved and she had no signs of cancer anywhere in her body.

Veronica C.

When I went to the Paramita Path Center in Chapel Hill for a healing, I wasn’t very optimistic. I had been a cocaine addict for over a decade and because of my addiction, I couldn't hold down a job. My wife had left me and I rarely saw my two children. My whole life was a wreck. I was depressed and considering suicide. I live in Maryland and my sister had to drive me to North Carolina for the healings. At the first session, I felt the energy so strong in my heart, I couldn't believe it. My heart opened and for the first time in so many years, I felt peace. Because of the distance, I couldn’t go for frequent healings, but I managed to go to the Center three times. Alba gave me an attunement so I could do self-healing and she taught me how to meditate. I began to follow a practice of self-healing and meditation and now, after a year, I have a full-time job and have been off drugs. I feel that we should never give up on anyone. I’m glad my family never gave up on me and convinced me to try the Paramita Path.

Manny C.

When Sandra, a Paramita practitioner, came to visit the spa where I work as a manicurist, I was limping around with a broken big toe. After taking X-rays, the doctor said that the bone was shattered. He bandaged it up and gave me painkillers which made me drowsy so I could only take them at night. I was in terrible pain that day and Sandra offered to give me a healing. It was amazing. She placed my foot on her lap and cupped the toe with her hands. I felt the heat coming from her hands immediately. The healing didn’t last more than 10 minutes because some other people were waiting. When she stopped, the pain got worse for a while and then my toe felt much better. When I returned to the doctor for X-rays a few days later, the bone had completely mended. I’ll never forget the look on the doctor’s face! 

Elizabeth Z.

My two-year old granddaughter, Marissa, was a frightened child ever since she was born. She was afraid of everyone and all she did was cry. No one could pick her up or touch her. We are a big, rambunctious family and even when we sang Happy Birthday at her birthday party, she cried. She seemed to fear something that wasn’t there. Her aunt is a Paramita Path practitioner who can see past lives and while giving the baby a healing she saw a past life in which the little girl was a woman who had been stoned to death after she was accused of a crime she did not commit. A karmic healing was done with this past life and there was a drastic change in her behavior. Although she still is a little shy around people when they come to the house, within five minutes she is smiling at them. She even throws kisses to her male relatives who before her healing, could not touch or even look at her. She allows people to carry her and she participates happily in family reunions. She is now a happy child who sings and dances and shares in our family’s boisterousness. 

Diana A.

You can imagine how upset I was when my 21-year old son informed me that he was HIV positive. He had attended Paramita Path workshops and received all the attunements with me, but for over a year he had not been practicing the self-healing techniques he learned, nor was he following his spiritual practice. Once he was diagnosed, he began his self-healing and meditation practice once more and I gave him frequent healings. He also received healing from a group of Paramita practitioners who meet weekly to help others. My son had already decided that he would not take any medication for his condition, but would try the Paramita healings first. After a month of Paramita healing sessions, I am happy to report that my son's CD-4 cells are above normal >500 and his T lymphocytes are 10 times what his body needs. The viral charge decreased more than half. We are so grateful that the Creator has given us this marvelous healing Light and my son has a new lease on life.

Maria T.

My six year old son had chronic asthma. We frequently had to take him to the emergency room because he couldn’t breathe. After two weeks of healing with Paramita light, he has improved so much that we have not had to take him to the hospital again. He has sporadic asthma symptoms when he has a cold, but he has never had a severe asthma attack again. He is now learning to swim and enjoying physical exercise. 

Carla M.

I was scheduled for surgery for a fractured pelvis. Before the surgery I went to a Paramita Practitioner who gave me a one-hour healing. That’s all. The next day I had new X-rays taken before surgery. When the doctor saw the X-rays, he sent them back to the radiology department because he said they had made a mistake. The X-rays they sent him showed a pelvis without any fracture. I was X-rayed again and the doctor sent them back again claiming that the radiologist made a mistake. On the third X-ray, the radiologist took the X-rays and handed them personally to the doctor. The doctor could not believe that the fracture had been completely healed. He just shook his head in disbelief and I asked him: "Doctor, don't you believe in miracles?" 

Sonia B.

I will always be grateful to the Paramita community for my mother's healing. About a year ago, Mom was diagnosed with cancer in the back of her tongue. It was a very difficult cancer to treat and we were ready to take her to a cancer clinic in Boston for treatment. Before organizing the trip, my sisters and I, who are all Paramita practitioners, decided to give her healings in person while other Paramita practitioners sent her distant healing. Before our trip, the doctors who were treating her decided to run additional tests. To our amazement, they found that she was completely clear of cancer. She is now in perfect health and has herself been attuned to the Paramita Path.

Irma S.

My newborn niece had serious problems from the time of her birth. The latest in a series of medical difficulties was when she developed a lump in her head and she had kidney failure. As soon as we could, we made arrangements to fly her to a specialist for treatment and while we were making arrangements, which took a few days, I gave her healings with a group of Paramita practitioners. She responded very well and seemed stronger. When the doctors examined her, they found that the lump had disappeared and her kidneys were functioning normally. It was a miracle. 

Penelope V.

I had a torn meniscus in my right knee and was scheduled for surgery. I went to a healing with a Paramita practitioner and during the healing I felt as if there were some cords moving in my knee. Since my knee felt fine after the healing, I felt that I didn’t need surgery, but my mother refused to allow the surgery to be canceled so I had to undergo the procedure anyway. Afterwards, the surgeon said that he was very surprised because he was expecting the knee to be in much worse condition than it actually was and he only had to make a minor repair. 

Rosie R.

For many years, I knew that there was some kind of blockage in my throat area. I had gone through a thyroid operation and was on thyroid medication. I was unable to express my feelings and I was afraid to talk to my boss about some important issues that had to do with my job. When I went for a Paramita healing session, the practitioner saw a past life in which I had been hanged and my tongue had been cut out because I was an advocate for women’s rights in a country where women had no rights and no voice. After several karmic healings, I felt so much better and was surprised when, without any fear, I requested a meeting with my supervisor and voiced all my grievances. To my surprise, he agreed with me. Since then I have been better treated at work and my thyroid condition has cleared up. 

Ana B.

All my life I have been plagued by depression. My mother died when I was a little girl and it was difficult to fill the void that she left. When I was a teenager, I had bulimia and I began self-mutilating. I had to wear long sleeves even in the summer to hide the scars and the fresh wounds. I thought that when I went to college, things would get better, but they got worse and worse until I had a nervous breakdown and had to take the year off from college and return home. My father found a therapist and I went to see her twice a week. Still, my depression didn’t lift even with therapy and medication. Then a friend told me that she would be attending a healing workshop and she was so excited about it that I asked her for more information. She persuaded me to go with her and I did. At first I thought it was a Reiki workshop, but when I got there I realized that it was something different called Paramita Path. That weekend workshop changed my life. I have been practicing self-healing and meditation for 8 months now and my depression has lifted. I feel like a new person. For the first time in my life I am happy. 

Nadia R.

I had several tumors in my throat and the doctors said my cancer was inoperable. They scheduled me for chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I had a hard time swallowing, talking and was really depressed. I didn’t want to die because I was convinced there was nothing after this life and I was afraid. Then a neighbor told me about these Paramita healings that took place every Tuesday in someone's house. They did something like spiritual healing and anyone could go for free. I thought to myself, what the heck, I’m probably dying anyway so what's the harm in trying something, even if I don’t really believe in it. I'm a 65 year old man and I’ve seen a lot in my life, but I had never met a group of people who are so selfless and giving. Even though I told them from the beginning that I didn't believe in anything, they smiled and gave me a healing. It was wonderful and I returned for healings several times before my chemotherapy. The thing is that after the first two healings, I was eating and drinking without any problem and when I went back to the hospital for more tests, they found that the tumors had disappeared. Everyone was in shock and the doctors even had a meeting about me. Well, I didn’t believe in anything before, but now I’m a believer! 

Carlos C.

My daughter Zulma had been sick in bed for over a year. She had fever, bronchitis, pneumonia and many other disabling conditions. All medical tests were negative, but she continued being ill to the point where she had to drop out of college. Once she was unconscious for four hours and fifteen minutes. After this episode she had bouts of unconsciousness daily. She had an MRI and a CAT scan and the results were negative. She also developed a nodule in her thyroid gland. She was referred to a cardiologist who diagnosed Wolff Parkinson White syndrome, a very rare condition. She was medicated, but nothing worked. Then a rheumatologist diagnosed her as having scleroderma, chronic fatigue syndrome and possibly lupus. The gastroenterologist diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome with gastritis. This ambiguous medical picture confused us. Both my husband and I are medical doctors and we were distressed by our inability to help our daughter and her increasingly serious medical condition. Then I attended a talk given by Dr. Alba Ambert about the Paramita Path. After the talk, I spoke to her about my daughter’s condition and she immediately referred me to a few Paramita practitioners who were present. They began sending distant healing to my daughter right then and there. I took the Paramita workshops and gave my daughter full-body healing treatments as well. I am now happy to report that my daughter is completely recovered. She is back in college and taking no medications. She is leading a happy, normal life. As a medical doctor, all I can say is that Paramita Path worked when regular medicine did not. I am so grateful. 

Rose A.

I am writing to give testimony to a series of events that have convinced me that Karmic healing and spiritual healing by a Paramita practitioner have resulted in very positive changes for me. 

I have always been an extremely analytical person and everything is either black or white for me. The "truth" according to my understanding must have a concrete base and is only proven by facts. You can imagine how skeptical I was about past lives and how difficult it was to accept that an "energy" could be a catalytic force in the daily and existential events of life. Having said all of that, here I am bearing witness that both karmic healing and "energy" healing have offered me concrete help, inspiration, motivation and peace. This is my story. 

I was involved in a romantic relationship that had lasted more than three years. I recognized that this person was not for me yet I could not get out of the relationship. The power of this relationship was so strong that all the qualities that characterized me, such as leadership, assertiveness, happiness and laughter had all been pushed to a second or third place in my life. The karmic healings revealed to me the reason I was involved in this relationship, not only in this life, but in many other past lifetimes. This gave me great peace and I was able to let go of the relationship with a serene perspective.

Not only did the healings help me with this specific relationship, but I have been able to make decisions that I normally wouldn't make and that have resulted in many positive changes in my life. Understanding the role of the ego in blocking our happiness has also helped me in ways that I find difficult to express.

Marisa T.