You are guided to your spiritual heart so you can realize the true purpose of your life. You develop the ability to sense and radiate the Light.

You also awaken your Kundalini, that powerful source of energy that fuels your spiritual growth. You connect to the elemental energies for further spiritual support.

Paramita Path workshops include unique attunements and a practice that assist you in attaining spiritual enlightenment by allowing you to heal, awaken your heart and reach high levels of frequencies in your being.  Once attuned to the Light of Pure Love, you can use this powerful source to increase your vibration, open your heart more and connect with the Creator's Light. With an open heart and full awareness of the Creator's presence, you reach a state of unconditional love and compassion that helps you awaken to enlightenment while helping others awaken as well.


The Paramita Path® has two branches: Spiritual Development and Sacred Healing. within the Spiritual Development Program. The following diagram shows you the workshops and retreats available in the programs. You can do most of these online while some are offered only in person.  


SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT: This part of the program, represented in brown, includes the workshops and retreats that support your spiritual growth by awakening your heart and connecting to Pure Love. 

SACRED HEALING®: This branch of the program, in violet, is for persons who, in addition to spiritual development, have a mission to help others through healing. If you would like more information on our Sacred Healing advanced program, please write to us at:

We offer many workshops within the Paramita Spiritual Development program, as well as other complimentary workshops you can do online. Click the following link for information on the Sacred Enlightenment Retreat. 

Note: The workshops Awakening the Heart and Opening To Pure Love replace the Paramita Path workshops that were called Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. If you have taken the Paramita Path levels 1, 2 and 3 in person, you have the necessary prerequisites to continue your spiritual path by taking the online workshops we describe below.