Online workshops are offered in audio and video. As soon as you purchase a workshop, you receive an email with specific instructions to download the manuals and recordings.  


The following Paramita Path workshops are offered in person:

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Awakening The Heart (in person)

In this workshop you are guided to open your spiritual heart so you can live your life with peace, serenity and happiness in your heart.  You align to the universal energies to connect more effectively with the Divine Presence through meditation and self-healing. Your Kundalini awakens and you begin a process of opening your heart and connecting, through your heart, to the Light of Pure Love. With a practice of meditation  and other spiritual practices, you begin to feel unconditional love toward other beings and you embark on a beautiful path of sacred enlightenment.  

Opening To Pure Love (in person)

One of the most important achievements of this workshops, that helps you to feel Pure Love in your being, is the attunement that opens and activates the sacred space of your heart. This allows you to enter the deepest part of your being and radiate the energy of the heart outwards. You learn to receive answers to your questions directly from your heart instead of the mind. You develop profound understanding of who you are, realizing full well the traps of the ego, its shadows and how to liberate yourself from ego behaviors. You feel the Creator's presence in your heart and you raise your vibratory frequencies so you are able to unite with the Creator. You become a unified source within the Love and Light.

Note:  The workshops Awakening the Heart and  Opening To Pure Love replace  Paramita Path workshops that were called Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. If you have taken the Paramita Path levels 1, 2 and 3 in person, you have the necessary prerequisite to continue your spiritual path by taking the online workshops.

Purification and Transmutation Workshop (in person)

To live a spiritual existence, aware of the Divine Presence within, requires a pure heart. That is, a heart filled with Love that desires to use its spiritual power only for the highest good, to serve the Creator and all Creation. As the heart purifies, there is no limit to its opening. The purer your heart, the more it widens and expands. With a pure and open heart you can love the Creator and all living beings in a new, clear and beautiful way..

In this workshop you are guided through deep purification processes to transmute in your being the obstacles, attachments and other limitations to your spiritual growth that limit your ability to feel the peace and joy in your heart. The energy of transmutation that you will learn to use in this workshop, transmutes all dense energy into Light. 

Through beautiful processes guided by your angels and spiritual guides, you:

  • dissolve the attachments that limit your growth.

  • heal your sense of separation from Earth and nature,

  • heal and strengthen your silver cord.

  • recover and cleanse the fragments of your soul that are dispersed throughout other dimensions.

  • receive cellular and DNA healing

  • heal the scars of your heart.

  • heal specific situations in your life that are obstacles to your spiritual progress and to opening your heart.

The workshop ends with a potent process that you can do, if you so wish, in which you re-write the contracts your soul agreed to fulfill before reincarnating. 

All the processes aire done in the Light of Pure Love that is flowing to us from the highest planes of Light. . 

Your Akashic Records (in person)

The Akashic Records contain everything we have said, done, thought of during our past and present lifetimes. These records are encoded in the Light to energetically preserve everything that happens in existence, including existence itself. Every person has a record and can access his or her record through a beautiful spiritual process.  In this workshop you receive special attunements that allow you to connect deeply with your heart and, through your heart, access your Akashic Records, the book of your life. These life records are sacred and they exist in the highest planes of Light. In the Akashic Records you can also find your karmic contracts, including the lessons you decided to learn in this lifetime. It is possible for you to receive clarification about your mission and purpose in life and you will be given advice on how to best fulfill the plan you proposed to complete when you reincarnated.

Transmitting Healing Light (in person)

You begin your mission of service to others through healing. You learn to radiate the Light of Pure Love while offering healing to other persons. You also learn processes to dissolve dense energy in yourself, other persons and spaces. You practice a number of specific healing techniques. You learn distant healing, how to harmonize and heal chakras, how to work with quartzes and the most effective way to give healing to animals and plants. 

Sacred Healing®: A Certification Seminar (in person)

The attunements received in this seminar open energy circuits and lines of Light that are completely new so that participants can offer healing at a very advanced level to persons with serious illnesses and conditions. We have received the advanced healing techniques offered in this seminar through loving blessings from Archangel Raphael, the angels of healing, the celestial medical teams and the Surgeons of Light. These beings of Light are present during the seminar and you are given access to Archangel Raphael's energy as well as entrance into the sacred healing sanctuary that brings to us a sacred and perfect Light of Pure Love. This allows the performance of  healing and celestial surgery as never before. Participation in this seminar offers great adjustments and transformations so that you may do the work of sacred healing with Archangel Raphael and other beings of the highest Light.