What does Paramita mean?

Paramita is a Sanskrit word that means “path to perfection” and it refers to a path of divine Love and service to all beings for the purpose of reaching enlightenment. Paramita guides you to enlightenment through the Bodhisattva path, that is, through a commitment to reach enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. The Paramita Path is a path of Love and Compassion and on this path we recognize that all is Love. We open our hearts to the Love and share the Love with other beings.

Is the Paramita Path a healing system?

Healing of self and others is taught in Paramita workshops. However, this is not the primary purpose of the Path. It is a secondary objective to help participants balance their energy channels so they may embark on the spiritual aspect of Paramita and derive the full benefits of the path.

What is the spiritual purpose of the Paramita Path?

To attain enlightenment while helping others attain enlightenment as well. The practice of the Paramita Path has three basic components: Meditation (to connect to the Love of the Creator and receive guidance), Service (to help all beings attain enlightenment) and the seven Paramitas (to assist practitioners in living the lives of evolved beings). The energy that underlies all these components is the Love of the Creator.

What is the spiritual heart?

Your spiritual heart is that place deep inside where your spirit resides. It is where all Truth, Wisdom and the perfect Love dwell. The heart is also what allows you to open to the realization that everything we need to progress spiritually is within ourselves. Once in your heart, you not only find answers to your most fundamental questions, but you inhabit the peace, joy and Love that are there. Everything in existence collapses into the Love, for Life is all about Love. Living within the Love, loving and having compassion for others and being conscious of the Creator's Love within you is the path to true happiness and ultimately, the path to enlightenment. The heart is your key to self-realization.

What is enlightenment?

Union with the Creator, with All-That-Is. Enlightenment is the realization that we are all One as all sense of separation and duality falls away.

What’s the difference between Paramita Path and Reiki?

Reiki Masters who have received Paramita Path attunements report that the energy is stronger, more potent, thicker and has a deep element of love. Healings tend to occur more quickly as well. 

What is an attunement?

An attunement consists of an energy transmission from a person who has mastered a type of spiritual energy to someone who has not been open to it yet. In Sanskrit it is called shaktipat and it refers to the act in which a spiritual teacher gives a spiritual gift to a student. The person giving the attunement, that is, transmitting the shaktipat must be highly evolved spiritually.

What is the Kundalini?

The Kundalini is a powerful spiritual force that all human beings possess and which lies dormant unless awakened. When the Kundalini is awakened, it rises through a channel in the spinal cord and it dissolves all negative energy in the person’s body. Because of its cleansing and purifying properties, Kundalini awakening is greatly sought-after by persons on a spiritual path.

How can the Kundalini be awakened?

Through special meditations, physical exercises and shaktipat, or the transmission of Kundalini awakening energy by a Kundalini Master. However, even a Kundalini Master cannot awaken your Kundalini fully. For a full Kundalini awakening, your Kundalini will need time, once activated and partially awakened, to rise above the top of your head.

What is a proper Kundalini awakening?

When all the energy channels in the body are clear of negative blockages so the Kundalini can rise without blockage in some part of the body. In Paramita Path, your Kundalini is awakened after proper preparation.

I have MS. After receiving Paramita Path attunements, can I channel healing energy to others?

Yes, and you will derive the benefits of the healings as does the person receiving the healing. As you channel the energy through your body to give a healing, some of this healing energy will stay within you and help you to heal. The energy that you transmit through your hands will benefit the person receiving the healing. The energy you transmit will not be contaminated by your own energy because as it moves through your body it is cleansed and purified.

Can I harm someone with this energy?

The energy you channel is the healing energy of the Creator and it can only be used for positive purposes.

I’m 75 years old. Is it too late for me?

No. It’s possible that you needed to learn certain lessons and have specific experiences in this lifetime before you could embark on a serious spiritual path leading to enlightenment. If thoughts of spiritual growth are arising in you now, then this is the perfect time for you.

Can children be attuned to this energy?

Many children have been attuned to the Paramita Path and are deriving the many benefits of having their energy channels open to the Light and Love of the Creator.