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 Pure Love Sparkles in your Heart

 The Arrival

On a clear winter day in 2013 I was in my heart feeling a deep Love for the Creator and all in existence. Suddenly I was overtaken by an enormous flood of Light, Love, joy and peace. I fell to my knees as I listened to the voice of God who communicated that the cure for cancer and other chronic illnesses lay in a meditation that would be given to me to transcribe and record. Each word in the meditation would contain within itself the energy of the healing Light.

And that's how this Meditation To Heal arrived into the world, containing within itself the Light which is the Creator's Pure Love. As you listen to this meditation, the healing Light is ignited in your heart and it flows to every cell in your body, regenerating and healing, so that everything within you can exist in the harmony of the Light's perfection.


The Meditation To Heal is a healing meditation that contains the vibration of the divine Light of Pure Love. It is a balsam of Pure Love and tenderness that washes gently over any illness, disease, discomfort, pain filling you with healing Light. When you listen to this meditation, with an open heart filled with faith in the powerful splendor of the Light, you receive the Beloved Creator's healing Light.

The Meditation To Heal

The Meditation To Heal is available to anyone who wishes to listen to it and receive the benefits of healing with the Light. It is offered to the world without cost with the sacred intention that it ease all pain and bring comfort to a world that is in great need of spiritual peace.

You can access the meditation at this site on video and as an MP3 recording. You can listen to the meditation here or download the recording at no cost and distribute it. This meditation is for all those who need it. The meditation has come into the world to heal those who need healing and ease the pain of those who are suffering. Through the healing energy that infuses every word of this meditation and contained in the soft melody of the background, you may receive a deep physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing with the tender Light of our Beloved.

May you enjoy the Sweet Embrace of our Beloved Creator while you listen to this meditation. May the Light of Pure Love fill your whole being with perfect health, peace, joy and Love.

I embrace you with the Light of Pure Love,


 The Meditation

Meditation is a simple spiritual practice. It consists of sitting in a quiet place, closing your eyes and feeling the stillness within the center of your being. This stillness is always there. All we need to do is be aware of it.

You can meditate to bring peace and serenity to your being, to relieve stress, to connect with the Creator or to bring healing into your life. The Meditation To Heal that follows is a guided meditation in which you are gently brought into the center of your being and from there, you open to receive the healing Light of Pure Love.

The Light of Pure Love

Pure Love is the divine Love that is the substance of all creation. We could say that it is the substance from which everything arises. The Light is the energy that carries this divine Love. The Light and the Love are the same thing. Light and Pure Love are the infinite, eternal consciousness of the Creator, of God, of our Source.

Preparation for the Meditation To Heal

Sit comfortably and relaxed in a quiet place. Make sure your telephone is turned off and that you will not be interrupted. If it is difficult for you to remain seated for long, you can listen to the meditation while lying down. Close your eyes and listen to the meditation. You don't have to make any effort or do anything. As you simply listen to the meditation, effortlessly, and you derive its benefits.

You can listen to the meditation as often as you like. It is recommended that you listen to it every day until you feel that you no longer need it.

Enjoy the Light of Pure Love that comes to you through this meditation.

Meditation in English

Meditation in French

Meditation in Greek