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 Sacred Healing

Welcome to The Healing Sanctuary, an awakening to a healing energy that will help you open your heart and receive the spiritual benefits of the beautiful Sacred Healing Light.

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Ever since the Paramita Path* came to Earth, Archangel Raphael and the Angels of Healing have collaborated with us, guiding us during healings, giving us messages in dreams and during meditations. A few years ago, a Meditation To Heal was transmitted to me specifically for healing cancer and other serious illnesses. This meditation was a threshold bringing us into a new direction of healing Light that we transmit energetically. Recently, Archangel Raphael, the Angels of Healing and the Surgeons of Light have been much more active in the guidance and teachings they offer us. This website is the result of the teachings given to us by Archangel Raphael, the Angels of Healing, the Surgeons of Light and other beings of Light.         

If these words resonate in your heart, please continue scrolling. There are many resources here that can bring you into a receptive state for healing and wellbeing.

May you be happy, healthy and at peace,


The Sacred Healing® Sanctuary 

Archangel Raphael works with us from the Sacred Healing Sanctuary, a spiritual temple that exists in the highest planes of Light. This sanctuary is empowered by countless particles of pure Light. In this field of radiant Light there exists the essence of Love in all of its purity. Here we are helped to do healing work to ease physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions. The Pure Love that exists in this Sanctuary assists us in healing at all levels and activates the natural healing energy of our cells.

Archangel Raphael is the spiritual custodian of the sanctuary. His name means “he who loves” and as such, Archangel Raphael is a compassionate spirit of healing and regeneration. Archangel Raphael, together with the Angels of Healing and Purification, consoles, comforts and offers tenderness and a Pure Love filled with infinite compassion.

Archangel Michael and the Angels of Purification also collaborate in the healing work of the sanctuary. The name Michael means “he who is like God” and this archangel is a powerful protector against negativity in all of its manifestations. He helps us to purify our being by helping us to dissolve harmful energies that cause illness, such as fear.

In addition to these archangels and angels, the Seraph of Pure Love offers her energy of unconditional Love and compassion to bring about a complete healing which, after all, can only come about in the presence of Love.

The Surgeons of Light are an essential team for all Sacred Healing and they are invoked at healing sessions. These beings of the highest Light have the mission of assisting in all Sacred Healing that requires Surgery of Light®. This surgery can be physical, emotional or mental, since the Light can penetrate both the physical and energy bodies like a laser beam that removes, at the atomic level, every particle that causes disease.    

When you receive a Sacred Healing, the energies of the Sanctuary of Healing are brought to you so you can receive the healing within its healing and protective boundaries. You are then connected directly to Archangel Raphael, the Surgeons of Light, Archangel Michael, the Seraph of Pure Love and the Angels of Healing and Purification for the duration of the Sacred Healing session.


 Sacred Healing Offerings

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What is Sacred Healing?

Sacred Healing is a healing technique based on divine Love that opens your energy portals and allows you to heal at very deep levels. In Sacred Healing, you receive a powerful healing attunement that will open your energy channels and heal and awaken your heart. A request is made during the session for the healing of any karma you may have with illness so that you may take full advantage of the energy healing that follows. In Sacred Healing, the powerful healing functions of quartzes and seashells are garnered to render a healing that is deep and far-reaching.

However, the most important element of Sacred Healing is its complete reliance and surrender to divine Love. The Sacred Healer who transmits the healing is an instrument through which the Light of Pure Love can come through and heal.  Sacred Healing can be transmitted to you in person or distantly. 

Sacred Healing from Afar

If you would like to receive Sacred Healing® distantly, you can request to join the Paramita Path distant healing list. Animals as well as humans can be referred for this service.

As soon as a person or other living being is included in the list, a Paramita Path practitioner who has been attuned and trained in the Sacred Healing® modality will transmit daily distant healing for 7 days.

To refer a person or animal to the Paramita Path Sacred Healing Service, please send an email to: or call: 1-800-493-3340 and leave a message on our voicemail with the name of the person or animal and health issue.

Sacred Healing Sessions in Person

After rigorous training, a  number of Sacred Healers are now certified to offer this special healing modality. There are Sacred Healers in the United States, Puerto Rico, Spain and France. If you are interested in a private Sacred Healing session, please contact us for a list of Sacred Healers in your area.

For more information, write to: or call us at: 919-932-3836.


 Surgery of Light


What Is Surgery of Light™?

Surgery of Light is a deep healing process in which the potency of the Light of Pure Love® is called in from the highest planes of Light to assist a Paramita Sacred Healer in healing others. This process is especially helpful when other types of energy healing have not had optimal results.

Because there may be some confusion about this healing modality, we would like to emphasize what Surgery of Light ® is not. Surgery of Light ® is not psychic surgery, nor is it etheric surgery. It does not involve any kind of invasive technique that cuts open flesh or draws blood. In the Surgery of Light ® process, discarnate souls are never involved.

Surgery of Light ®  is gentle, sacred and empowered by the Light of Pure Love®. This Light is Divine Love in its highest manifestation for healing physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual difficulties. It is a deep energy healing process in which Archangel Raphael, the Angels of Healing and the Surgeons of Light bless us with their presence. These are sacred beings of Light who have never existed in human form. They join the Paramita Sacred Healer and guide her or him in performing the work every step of the way.

The Paramita Sacred Healers who facilitate Surgery of Light ® sessions have been trained and attuned to do this sacred work. A sacred opening in their energy channels and spiritual heart allows them to connect to the Light of Pure Love®, which is Divine Light, to perform the sacred surgery. The Surgery of Light ® process consists of bringing in the Light of Pure Love® and then radiatling this radiant and powerful healing Light, through the use of quartzes and other stones, into the person’s energy and physical bodies following the directions of the Surgeons of Light, Archangel Raphael and the Angels of Healing. It is they who do the healing work and the human Surgeon of Light serves as an instrument so that the healing can take place on the Earth plane.

Surgery of Light ® is a gift given to humanity as part of the Paramita Path Sacred Healing® technique to assist us in removing all obstacles, including illness, that interfere with our connection to God. Through Surgery of Light ® not only is your body's natural healing process activated, but you also open your heart to receive the infinite blessings of Divine Love.

If you are interested in a Surgery of Light® session, please contact us: or 919-932-3836. Services are provided in person and distantly.



If you are experiencing a serious health issue, you can receive Surgery of Light® at any time by following these steps:

1.    Look at the image of the Radiant Heart below during one minute with the intention of receiving Surgery of Light ®  from the Surgeons of Light, Archangel Raphael and any other being of the highest Light that may assist.

2.    Ask that the surgery be for the highest good and according to Divine Will.

3.    Lie down and listen to the meditation included below. During the meditation you receive a session of Surgery of Light®.

4.    When the meditation is over, give thanks for the blessing received.

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Meditation To Heal Your Cells With Light

In this meditation a great infusion of healing Light is received in the cells. This pure and potent Light is the energy of divine Love that comes to us directly from the Creator’s Heart. Divine Light penetrates the sick cells in the body and activates the healing function that is naturally there. In addition, this beautiful and radiant Light protects healthy cells and strengthens the immune system. This meditation brings us to a state of perfect health and wellbeing. 

Meditation to Heal

As you listen to this meditation, you receive the vibration of divine Light and Pure Love while filling your being with peace. A deep healing is transmitted. The meditation can be done by everyone even if they do not know how to connect to Divine energy. With time and as the meditation is repeated, the connection will occur automatically.

 This meditation is very helpful during chemotherapy and periods of recuperation.

Healing With Crystalline Light

In this meditation you are guided to bring a special healing Light to your physical and energy bodies. This Light not only heals your body, it also brings a beautiful crystalline energy to your whole being. 

Sphere of Sunshine

Often persons with serious illnesses are overcome by a sense of hopelessness, feeling heaviness in the heart. In this meditation, a beautiful angel installs a sphere of sunshine in the heart. This sphere of sunshine fills your heart and your whole being with hope and joy.

Purification With Essential Oils

In this meditation the energy of Light flows through you to cleanse dense energies in your physical and energy bodies and your surroundings. The meditation helps to remove tension, fear and anxiety. As a result, you can purify completely and your whole being becomes more spiritualized. As you increase your vibration, your heart opens and you enter into a state of wellbeing and peace. Because illness causes your vibration to drop, this factor is extremely important in healing.

 It is recommended that you do this meditation in a bathtub filled with warm water, having added some sea salt and several drops of an essential oil that will help you relax, such as lavender or geranium. 

It is not necessary to do the meditation in the bath, though. It can be done while sitting in a chair or lying in bed. When doing so, we recommend holding an Ocean Jasper in the left hand while listening to the meditation. This stone has energies that are similar to water and it is beneficial for emotional healing. While doing the meditation, imagine the crystalline water flowing through the body and purifying it, removing all dense energy, all tension, all fear and anxiety.

Quick Heart Opening

In this meditation your energy channels and cells are cleansed and purified so the Light can fill them with its radiant and healing beauty. The Light fills the heart completely bringing peace, joy and wellbeing.