Time For Everything


There is plenty of time to harmonize our lives and strike a balance between the tasks of daily life and our spiritual practice. Even more than finding this balance, with practice we can elevate our daily lives so we live every moment in the highest planes of Light. If we devote our energies to what is permanent rather than the transitory, we can transcend the false reality of the ego that keeps us tied to the dense energies of the world of illusion. That way our lives become spiritualized in every aspect and we can bring this elevated energy to everything we do.

When we turn away from transitory and unnecessary activities that rob us of time and we take that time to meditate, be conscious of the Divine Presence, radiate Light and other spiritual practices, we find that everything in our life flows and the spiritual infuses our material world, illuminating it. Our relationships with others become spiritualized and our daily activities take on the beautiful contours of Light.

But, if we spend our lives in the din of unnecessary telephone calls, sterile conversations, gossip, distractions like watching TV, texting and surfing the net, our energies become denser, we succumb to the hypnotic lure of the ego and we spend our life without having lived it in the true Reality of God.

It is so liberating to escape the ego trance that keeps us tied to distractions. We awaken from the dream, tear off the veils and perceive the true Reality of our being. We are divine sparks. We are reborn in the Light. 

This retreat is a wonderful opportunity to use every moment to accelerate your spiritual growth through your daily activities. No matter what you are doing, at work or other pursuits, use that time to fill yourself with Light. Simply have the intention and the Light will be there filling your heart and your whole being with its radiance, Love and healing. Every moment, you can have the intention that the Creator's Love flow through you. This Divine Love is healing, protective and will open your heart more and more.

You need not spend one moment "away" from God. Practice being aware of the Creator's presence within you at all times, no matter what you are doing. Keep in mind that the silence, the peace of the Creator's presence is always there beyond the noise, beyond the words, beyond all else. Always present.

Remember to review your day before bedtime. Go over the things you did, your words, how you behaved, what your reactions to situations and persons were. How many times were your actions and words based on your ego? Were you in your heart? Were you conscious of the Creator's presence within you? Reflect on your day and write down your reflections. This will allow you to integrate your experiences. If you made a mistake, forgive yourself and have the intention of acting differently next time you face the same situation.

Invoke the Creator's presence in all situations, at all times. This applies to your sleeping hours also. As you go to sleep every night, have the intention of being in union with the Creator. Ask to be filled with the Creator's Light, aligning your energies to the energies of the Creator's Love. Let your last thought before going to sleep be one of love and union with the Beloved.

Remember, the Creator is closer to you than your breath.