In a few days  you will begin the Paramita Path Personal Retreat. I invite you to take a few moments to review carefully the instructions that appear in this blog and make the necessary preparations, including schedule adjustments, shopping for  healthy food and anything else you may need so that this experience can be one of great spiritual growth.

Beautiful portals in the highest planes of Light are opening to receive you during this period of  spiritual evolution. You will receive much assistance from angels, archangels and other beings of Light. There will be healings at all levels. Your hearts will open as they have never opened before. You will feel the Creator's Presence very deeply in your being. From the time when you make the commitment to participate in this retreat by subscribing to the blog, we will begin transmitting to you the necessary Light to make it possible to reach your next level of spiritual evolution.

Please remember to post frequent comments on this blog, sharing your experiences. This will help you to integrate the spiritual transformations that are likely to occur. If something comes up of a personal nature that you do not wish to share in this forum, you can email me:

I congratulate you for your willingness to make this commitment to your spiritual evolution and for all the work you are doing to come closer to Union with the Creator.

With Love,