Before you begin the Personal Retreat tomorrow, take a few moments to reflect upon the beautiful blessings you will receive as you open your heart to accept them. Imagine your life, all your actions, all your thoughts, all your intentions, all the things in your daily life, radiant with Light.

Feel your heart, feel the Creator’s spark in your being. Feel the Divine Presence. Feel the Light that flows to your heart and fills it with Love, with peace. And within the deep peace in your heart, you set your intention for the next 21 days.

  • You have the intention that during these days of stillness and silence, you will open your heart to the Creator’s luminous Love.
  • You have the intention of being conscious of the Creator’s presence within your being at all times.
  • You have the intention of being grateful for the blessings you receive every moment.
  • You have the intention of forgiving all grievances so you may open your heart completely.
  • You have the intention of loving others unconditionally, beginning with loving yourself.
  • You have the intention, within the crystalline Light of the Creator, to remove the veils that do not allow you to see the true Reality.
  • You have the intention of recognizing the illusion of the ego and transcending it.
  • You have the intention of seeing clearly that you exist in the elevated Reality of the Creator’s Love where there is only perfection and Light.
  • You have the intention of seeing, with a crystalline inner vision, that you are a being of Light and of recognizing the divine nature of your being.
  • You have the intention of being Love, of being Light and of living your life from this heightened state of awarenes.
  • You have the intention of following the directions of these 21 days with joy in your heart, recognizing that by doing so you come closer and closer to our Beloved Creator.
  • You have the intention of uniting your heart with the hearts of all the participants in the Retreat and in this heart-to-heart union, you are propelled together toward a perfect union with our Beloved Creator.

Remember: You walk in the Light.