Forgiveness Meditation

  • Forgiveness begins with compassion that is a very evolved capacity of the soul. The more compassion you feel, the less you are affected by the energies of others. So feel the Creator’s Love and Compassion in your heart now and feel this divine compassion in your whole being.
  • Ask the Angel of Compassion to accompany you during this meditation. This is a great being of compassion who can help you to open your heart and forgive. Allow this great being of Light to blend with you now.
  • Feel the compassion that this being has for you and feel the Creator’s compassion in your heart. Every particle of your being is nourished by the Creator’s Love and Compassion and by the great love that the Angel of Compassion has for you. Allow your heart to open with the Light of this being and observe the energy in the heart of this being, letting your own energy open and resonate with the same level of compassion.
  • And begin feeling compassion for yourself, for all the hard work you do, for the loving being that you are. Think about how generous you are. Look at yourself through the eyes of this Angel of Compassion who is with you now. Take a moment to feel this compassion for yourself, this unconditional love and acceptance of yourself.
  • Now, imagine that you are evolving and becoming a being of great compassion, just like the Angel of Compassion. And allow this great being to blend with you even more. And feeling this great angel in your being and deep compassion in your heart, think about a person who has hurt you. Look at this person now with your internal eyes, with unconditional love, with complete compassion.
  • Now give your complete acceptance to this person and recognize the beauty and love that is in this person. Recognize that this person is a spark of the Creator, just as you are. And feel how your heart opens as you think about the person in this way. You are on a path of compassion. This is the path of forgiveness and you realize that it is time to forgive, to let go of all the attachments to your resentment, grievances, bitterness and hurt. Every time you forgive, you free yourself. It is time to be free.
  • With all this compassion that you now feel, say to this person: “I forgive you. You are perfect just as you are. I let go of any energy that exists between us that is not love. And I forgive myself.”
  • Now, notice if there is anything else, any emotion, any dense energy in any part of your body that is causing contraction. Notice if there is anything else you need to let go of. And let go of the energy of this person now, let go of all of this person’s energy that is causing contraction. And fill that area of your body with Light. Simply radiate that area with the Creator’s Light.
  • Now, ask this person to forgive you. Feel your compassion for this person and feel the unconditional love that you are capable of feeling. Recognize the Light and the divinity that exist in this person and then let the image of the person dissolve in the Light.
  • You are now free. You have within you the freedom to forgive others and as you do this, you free yourself. Feel the love in your heart and the deep compassion that you are capable of feeling. Feel the Love in your heart and feel the Creator’s Light in your whole being. The Angel of Compassion helps you to open your heart even more and to receive more Light, more Love. Feel how your heart opens more and more.
  • When you are ready to return from the meditation, thank the Angel of Compassion and all the beings of Light who helped you. Be grateful to the Creator for the blessing that allowed you to forgive and free yourself so you may love more.

You can do this meditation for all the persons you need to forgive and to forgive yourself for past mistakes.

You can do this meditation as many times as is necessary for each person until you feel, deep in your heart, that you have truly forgiven the person.