With gratitude


Thank you, thank you for your comments. Your comments are a column that sustain this retreat supporting participants and offering a generous sharing of experiences that provides sustenance and strengthens everyone. You have co-created a beautiful community of hearts focused on the Light.

Although it isn’t possible to respond to all comments, I read each one before posting and a channel of communication arises between us in that beautiful language of the heart. When several persons express the same concerns, as in the case of our most recent topic on forgiveness, I will respond to this common issue in a general post.

I invite you to respond to the comments of other participants if a comment moves you or expresses a shared experience. An ongoing conversation could then take place among retreat participants who, at a soul level, already know each other well.

When you meditate or during a quiet moment of your day, have the intention of connecting to the group. Your souls agreed to meet here and from this spiritual base, to walk hand-in-hand to the Heart of God.

You walk in Grace.


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