Inability to forgive is one of the greatest obstacles to opening your heart. Forgiveness is so important because when you forgive those who have hurt you, you can feel true love and compassion. This happens as you let go of negative energies accumulated in your heart when you hold pain, resentment, anger and other dense energies.  Once you forgive, the negative blockages in your heart dissolve and your heart fills with the necessary Light that allows Pure Love to flow to you.  Forgiveness is also a deeply healing element and it heals at emotional, mental and physical levels.  Some people are difficult to forgive and it is possible to practice the forgiveness meditation many times before forgiveness truly occurs. There will be moments when you think you have forgiven  someone only to experience anger or sorrow welling up inside you when you think of the person. When this happens, be grateful that you have realized that you still haven't forgiven this person and you need to continue practicing forgiveness until your pain, anger, sorrow or resentment truly dissolve.

Also remember to forgive yourself for own errors and lapses. You are human and you will make mistakes. Forgive yourself and continue on the path that leads you to the infinite beauty of an open and awakened heart.

The following meditations are recommended to heal your heart through forgiveness: 

1. Forgiveness Meditation

2. Meditation To Heal Your Heart

4. Meditation To Heal

3. Meditation To Open Your Heart

5. Meditación To Heal Your Cells


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