Our hearts have accumulated many scars as a result of being wounded, betrayed, punished. Every time we feel emotional pain, wounds are created in our heart and with time these wounds scar over. The scars can remain in our hearts throughout all our lifetimes until they are healed. To be able to open your heart and feel the Creator's presence in your heart, it is important to heal the wounds and scars of the heart. This allows the heart to open infinitely. So, before beginning with the process of awakening and opening your heart, it is essential that you heal your heart not only of its wounds but also the scars formed over the wounds. In these pages, we offer you meditations that will help you heal your heart. If you are experiencing a serious illness, such as cancer, Parkinson’s or another dis-ease that is causing anxiety, fear or hopelessness, we also offer specific meditations to help you heal whatever physical condition present that is preventing your heart from opening.

The following meditations will help you heal your heart:

1. Meditation To Heal Your Heart

2. Meditation Sphere of Sunshine

3. Meditation Sanctuary Of The Heart

4. Meditation To Open The Heart

5. Meditation To Heal

6. Meditation To Heal Your Cells

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