Purification requires that you release the dense energies that have adhered to you as you are exposed to environmental energies, have negative thoughts or emotions or due to unnecessary attachments to persons and things.  This does not allow you to be sufficiently open so that Pure Love can flow to your being. It is through a purification process that you can raise the frequencies of your energy sufficiently to be able to open your heart to Divine Love. As you purify your being, whatever is not in alignment with Pure Love dissolves and you experience a beautiful opening of your heart. Also, your fears, insecurities and doubts dissolve. Through purification you are able to love yourself. 

The following meditations are recommended for purification:

1. Purification Meditation

2. Meditation To Heal Your Heart

4. Meditation To Heal

3. Meditation To Open Your Heart


5. Meditation To Heal Your Cells


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