Love: Your Divine Essence

Love: Your Divine Essence


The perfection that you are is the divine presence within you. This presence that is in your heart is a perfect, imperishable, indestructible Pure Love. You can live within this Pure Love all the time. All that is required is a change of perspective.

When you realize, in the deepest recesses of your heart, that you are the Creator's Pure Love and you live within the peace of this certainty, you are capable of radiating the world with the splendor of this Light. This is your mission, your purpose. This is the reason you came to this world, to be a beacon of Light, a transmitter of the Beloved's Pure Love. 

In this workshop we begin a process that helps you recover the higher energies you need so you may do what you came to this Earth to do. This will allow you to be an instrument of Love that brings the Light of transformation to the world. As you open to these high energies, you will experience a moment of deep transfiguration that changes everything. To facilitate this process, you will receive divine transmissions, that is, attunements within meditations of Light that are programmed to bring transformations to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. 

During the course of the workshop, you reach a deep understanding of what it is to serve the Creator, touching hearts with the Pure Love you radiate.

This workshop is just the beginning of a Paramita Path program dedicated to bringing the Creator's Pure Love to the heart of each and every human being on Earth, the heart of each plant, each animal, every cell, every drop of water, and to the very heart of our Mother Earth. We are living moments of great transformations and we unite as one consciousness, one heart to continue, day to day, fulfilling our mission of Love. This workshops offers you the energetic transformations necessary, if you so desire, so you may fulfill your mission of Love. This is the great transfiguration. 

We awaken to the radiant Light of the Creator's Pure Love within our hearts. 

Prerequisites: To participate in this workshop you must complete the workshops Awakening The Heart and Opening To Pure Love on line or in one of the in-person workshops offered previously as Paramita Path levels 1, 2 and 3. 

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This workshop includes access to three videos recorded live by Alba. As soon as we receive your payment and verify the completion of prerequisites, you receive access links to the videos.