Divine Will

Divine Will


If you would love to attend a spiritual retreat, but are unable to travel to a faraway place, this online retreat offers you the opportunity of staying in the comfort of your home and dedicating a full day to your spiritual evolution. In this retreat, you are guided to opening your heart to the beautiful energy of Divine Will.

Divine Will is a potent force that allows us to reach our angelic potential. Divine Will is a creative force, a force that is propelled by the Light of Pure Love and brings to us deep joy, peace and wellbeing. It helps us fulfill our purpose in existence and directs us into a path of helping others to open their hearts to Divine Love.

The three aspects of Divine Will activate in your soul as you participate in this workshop. The three aspects of Divine Will are Pure Love, Union and Co-Creation.  These are the most potent energies in the universe. When you receive them, they are capable of transforming your life, as they unfold before you your maximum potential, expand your consciousness and help you manifest in alignment with the divine plan and the highest purpose of your life.

During this video retreat you are guided to a magnificent energy opening that allows the powerful energy of Divine Will to flow to you and to the Earth. The energy of Divine Will has started to arrive gradually. However, at this time we can bring this potent divine force to our lives, to humanity and all living beings, as well as to the Earth herself.

As you bring Divine Will to your being, you see your life and everything in existence from the point of view of a high being of Light. Divine Will allows you to fulfill the most elevated goals of your soul and it guides you to action from your infinite self, your true self which is a being of Pure Love.

From the moment you subscribe to this online retreat, Alba will transmit to you powerful energies of Light to prepare your energy system for the intense flow of Light of Pure Love you absorb during the retreat.

After you subscribe, you receive specific instructions for the days before the retreat and the day of the retreat. As you follow these instructions you will derive much benefit for your spiritual evolution. The retreat does not end once you have watched the video series. You will also receive six recorded meditations and you are invited to do a different meditation during six weeks after the retreat to strengthen within you the energies of Divine Will. 

This workshop includes access to four videos recorded live by Alba, as well as six downloadable MP3 meditations each containing an attunement. These recordings allow you to continue with the program for six weeks following the workshop.

We highly recommend that you do this program as a one-day personal retreat. You do this by watching the video on a day dedicated to solitude and silence.  

When you have finished watching the videos, you then listen to the recorded meditations during six weeks after the retreat. Do them in the order given. Listen to each one during 7 days before continuing with the next meditation. 

When you subscribe, you receive specific instructions on how to follow this program as a personal one-day retreat. 

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Part 1: Pure Love
Part 2: Union
Part 3: Co-creation
Part 4: Transmission of Divine Will


1. Acceptance fo Divine Will
2. Feeling The Divine Presence
3. Activation of Pure Love
4. Activation of Union
5. Activation of Co-Creation
6. Transmission of Divine Wil

Prerequisites: You can subscribe to this retreat once you have completed the audio workshops "Awakening the Heart" and "Opening To Pure Love." 

As soon as we receive payment and verify that you have completed the prerequisites, you receive the access link to the videos and the downloadable meditation recordings.