Awakening The Heart

Awakening The Heart


Awakening the Heart is the introductory event of Light offered by the Paramita Path as it is essential for your spiritual development to awaken and open your heart. In this program you are guided through an intensive practice that assists you in awakening and opening your spiritual heart. In this way you can live your life with peace, serenity, beauty and happiness in your heart. Through the practices and meditations offered in this workshop, you align with the universal energies to connect with the Divine Presence. You also practice gratitude, forgiveness and the awareness that you are a consciousness that exists far beyond your physical body. To assist you in your spiritual evolution, your Kundalini activates, awakens and begins to remove spiritual obstacles. All of these factors contribute to awakening and opening your heart and to connect, through your heart, to the Creator's Pure Love. 

The spiritual preparation for awakening and opening the heart includes one of the most important factors in spiritual evolution which is the purification, activation and opening of your energy channels so you can fill yourself with the Light of Pure Love simply with intention. Your heart awakens as you listen to the recordings, receive the attunements and listen to the recorded meditations included in each module. Each meditation contains an attunement.

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This workshop includes the following modules:

Module 1

Podcast: The Energy Body
Meditation: Your Energy Body

Module 2

Podcast: The Kundalini
Meditation: Your Kundalini Awakens

Module 3

Podcast: The Ego
Meditation: Surrender

Module 4

Podcast: A Pure Heart
Meditation: Purify Your Heart

Module 5

Podcast: Your Spiritual Heart
Meditation: Awakening Your Heart


Practices and Processes

This workshop includes a PDF manual, access to the video "Practices and Processes" and ten (10) downloadable audio recordings. Each module includes 2 recordings: a meditation and a podcast. As soon as you subscribe to the workshop, you can download the MP3 recordings and the manual.