Opening To Pure Love

Opening To Pure Love


In "Awakening  the Heart," the previous program, you experienced an enormous spiritual leap by awakening and opening your spiritual heart. Now you can feel the peace of the Divine presence within you and enjoy the Light of Pure Love that flows through your chakras and other divine portals. Your Kundalini  offers you the additional spiritual power  of feeling cosmic union with the Creator and all in existence.

The purpose of the program "Opening To Pure Love" is to guide you to the sacred space of your heart, that sacred sanctuary where you find God.  Through potent meditations and attunements, you prepare energetically for the entrance through the sacred portal that brings you to the sanctuary of your heart. And there, the Creator welcomes you. The Creator has always been present within, waiting for you.  There, in that sacred sanctuary of your heart you are aware of the Divine Presence within, you love God with your whole being and you feel the deepest Love in your heart. As you enjoy this infinite and pure Love, you are filled by a deep peace that transforms your life.  

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This workshop includes the following modules:

Module 1
Podcast: The Light Of Pure Love
Meditation : Meditation of Light

Module 2
Podcast: The Infinite Self
Meditation : Your Infinite Self

Module 3
Podcast: The Physical System
Meditation : Your Physical Body

Module 4
Podcast: The Body of Light
Meditation : Activation of 8 Body Layers

Module 5
Podcast: The Sanctuary of The Heart
Meditation : Sacred Space of Your Heart

The workshop includes a PDF manual and ten (10) audio recordings available for download when you subscribe.