In this section we include books, meditations, private sessions and webinars to assist in your spiritual evolution.

The following books by Alba approach different spiritual and healing themes that may be of interest to those who seek a spiritual path based on divine Love. Suggested donations include shipping costs. Funds are applied to Paramita Path's mission of bringing our message of Pure Love to others. 


This book is a call to the heart for all those who are seeking a more profound and enduring connection to their spiritual selves. It offers a springboard to move forward on a spiritual path based on an open and awakened heart. It deftly combines information on the seven spiritual powers within us with meditations and practices that allow the reader to tap into these powers easily and effectively.

If you are ready to make the change from mind domination to heart guidance, this book will help you make that shift.

Your Sacred Space: A Guide To A Light-Filled Home

Your home is more than a place where you are sheltered from the elements, where you retire to rest every night. Your home is a place of infinite possibilities that can facilite your spiritual connection with the universe. 

In this insightful and practical book, Dr. Alba Ambert guides you through a detailed process to transform your home into an oasis of peace, harmony, and healing. By following the techniques described in this guide, your home can fulfill its potential and become a sacred space of radiant Light."


A Path of Light

We are poised at the rim of time. Before us is an expanse of timeless love, beauty, peace, harmony and joy. We have the opportunity now, at this moment, to turn towards the radiant planes of Light and step into them joyfully, fearlessly and with open arms. We can, with the mystical teachings of this book, open our hearts and allow the Light, in all of its splendor, to penetrate every particle of our being and guide us to divine union.  

The five transformative stages leading to enlightenment, as discussed in this book, bring you to a clear understanding of the nature of awakening, purification, transcendence, surrender and union with the Creator. This journey is a Path of Light that opens and awakens your heart to the Truth of who you are.

A Path of Light
By Alba Ambert

Meditations of Light

Meditations of Light
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  • Meditation 1: This meditation brings Light to your physical and energy bodies to support you in the process of letting go of the obstacles that limit your spiritual evolution. Light flows through you to heal, cleanse, purify and rais your vibration. An attunement is included to help you take the next step in your spiritual path.      (8 min.)    
  • Meditation 2: The energy of Pure Love is transmitted to your being. This Light of Pure Love flows through your nervous system creating new pathways that allow you expand and reach your highest potential. The energy of Pure Love helps you to see clearly the true reality of your being and to be aware of the highest dimensions of Light. The attunement included in this meditation helps you bring to your being and sustain the energy of Pure Love.  (8 min.)
  • Meditation 3: Your chakras fill with Light, from your crown chakra to your root chakra located at the base of your spine. With this Light flowing through your energy channels, your chakras are balanced and in harmony. The attunement included brings peace, harmony and Love to your whole being. (9 min.)
  • Meditation 4: Your aura is cleansed and purified with the Light as it removes all dense energies. Your aura fills with a radiant Light. The attunement allows you to let go of the obstacles that keep you tied to the old world of density and you are fortified by the Light of Pure Love.  (9 min.)
  • Meditation 5: The Light flows through you to quiet your thoughts and calm your emotions. You are at peace. All the areas of your energy body where dense energy has accumulated are completely purified by the Light. Limiting thoughts and emotions dissolve to facilitate your spiritual expansion and evolution. The attunement included in this meditation brings the energy of joy and peace to your being. (10 min.)
  • Meditation 6: Light flows to your physical and energy bodies and gathers strength as it enters your heart. Your heart opens and fills with Love. The attunement allows your heart to open to Pure Love so you can radiate this Love to everything and everyone around you.  (10 min.)
  • Meditation 7: You feel Divine Love in your heart and your whole being and you dissolve in this Love. As you dissolve in Divine Love, you surrender completely to the Love until you are One with the Love and you rest in God's Heart. In the attunement you receive a transmission of the most potent energies of Pure Love. This allows you to live in the peace, joy and Love of the New World.  (14 min.)

It is recommended that you do one meditation/attunement per day during one week. Once you complete the series, you may wish to repeat those meditations that you are more drawn to. You may repeat the meditations as often as you wish.

In each of these seven meditations guided by Alba you receive a powerful attunement that will assist you in opening your heart, your energy channels and the center of your being to the Light of Pure Love that is now flowing to Earth.

The attunement transmitted in each meditation has a deep effect in your being. A re-structuring of your soul codes occurs so that the pattern of light of your spiritual self is restored to its original condition. Allow these changes to occur and a powerful spiritual transformation will stabilize and settle within you.

Private Sessions

If you would like a more individualized program for spiritual development, you have the option of subscribing to the tutoring sessions that include three meditation cycles guided by Alba. Once you subscribe, the meditations are sent to you on MP3 files. The meditations are specifically designed for your spiritual growth. Each cycle contains four meditations. The meditations guide you progressively into your heart and into higher levels of consciousness. You receive one meditation per week. Each meditation has a duration of approximately 30 minutes. The program requires that you listen to the meditation sent weekly every day.  

At the end of each week, you send Alba an email to discuss your progress. She will respond to every email you send her. In your message, you can ask questions, seek clarification on spiritual experiences that may have confused you or discuss the sources of internal freedom, peace and unconditional love. 

You can subscribe to one, two or three cycles. Each cycle has a duration of four weeks. You can subscribe to one, two or three cycles. To subscribe to this experience of private spiritual guidance, please press on the links below. Once payment is made you will receive an email confirming your subscription and with detailed instructions on how to proceed. 

Cycle I: Opening Yourself to the Light
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Cycle III: Elevated Consciousness
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To subscribe to one or more cycles of Meditations for Spiritual Evolution, please submit payment using the "add to cart" button under the appropriate cycle. Once payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email from Alba with a link to the meditation of the week and appropriate instructions. 


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