Workshops and Retreats

The Paramita Path is a system of spiritual purification based on Pure Love that allows you to access and use the Light to open your energy channels and awaken to the Creator's presence within. You are guided to your spiritual heart so you can realize the true purpose of your life. You develop the ability to sense and radiate the Light of Pure Love. You also awaken your Kundalini, that powerful source of energy that fuels your spiritual growth. You connect to the elemental energies for further spiritual support.

Paramita Path workshops include unique attunements and a practice that assist you in attaining spiritual enlightenment by allowing you to heal and help others to heal. Once attuned to the Light of Pure Love, you can use this powerful source to increase your vibration, open your heart and connect with the Creator's Light. With an open heart and full consciousness of the Creator's presence, you reach a state of unconditional love and compassion that helps you reach enlightenment while helping others attain enlightenment as well.

Paramita Path Basic


In this introductory weekend workshop, you are initiated into a path of spiritual healing and spiritual evolution. You open to the Light of Pure Love for self-healing, to heal others and for spiritual growth. Your Kundalini is activated and awakened and you are attuned to elemental energies for further healing and spiritual development. You become conscious of the Creator's presence within you and you connect, through your heart, to the Creator's Pure Love. You learn advanced meditations to attain God-consciousness. You learn a process to fill yourself with the Light of Pure Love and radiate it to others. You become a beacon of the Light of Pure Love in the world.

You receive specific teachings regarding the Paramitas, the path to enlightenment based on unconditional love and compassion. The Paramitas are seven principles that help you to live your life with love and kindness so that you can easily follow the Bodhisattva Path. The Bodhisattva is that kind and loving being who aspires to enlightenment not only for her/himself but for all sentient beings.

 weekend of the month, Saturday and Sunday, except during the months of July and August. For more information, please contact us:

Dates:  Basic Paramita Path workshops are held every first Saturday and Sunday of the month, except during July and August. Daily schedule is from 10AM to 5PM.

Place:  Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Cost: $100

For information on registration, workshops outside of the United States and other details, please contact us at: or 919 338-2723. 

Advanced Teachings

Light of Pure Love  Workshop
There is a new Light streaming into the Earth and touching our hearts. It is an energy we call Light of Pure Love™ and that flows from God's heart. Because of the great transformations that have occurred in the last few years, a large segment of humanity is evolving spiritually at a very fast pace. As a consequence, there is a great opportunity for hearts to heal and open to receive God's Love. Light of Pure Love™ is a technique that allows you to do that. 

One of the most important aspects of this workshop, which helps you to feel Pure Love in your heart and your whole being, is the Light of Pure Love™ attunement which opens and activates the sacred space of your heart and through the teachings of the workshop, allows you to bring in Light of Pure Love™ to your being. As you do this,  you enter into the deepest part of your self, open your crown and heart chakras to receive transmissions of Light of Pure Love™ and radiate this energy from the heart  outwards. You receive answers to your spiritual questions from your heart rather than the mind. You develop a clear understanding of who you are and you become a beacon radiating Light of Pure Love™ to everything and everyone around you. As you enter into the sacred space of your heart and consciously bring  Light of Pure Love™ into your being,, you feel the Creator's presence within and your vibration increases more and more so you may reach union with the Creator. You become a unified field within the Light of Pure Love™.

In this one-day workshop, you learn practices and meditations to assist you in opening your heart completely, attain consciousness of your Oneness with the Creator and advance on the journey that leads to enlightenment. You learn to radiate unconditional love more effectively and to be a true beacon of Light of Pure Love. The attunements allow you to access the sacred space of your heart and listen to the infinite wisdom of the Creator. You connect fully to the energy of Light of Pure Love and feel the joy of that connection. You learn to release attachments and begin working on the dissolution of your ego. 

Date:  Saturday, September 17, 2016, from 10AM to 5PM

Place:  Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Cost: $100

For information on Light of Pure Love™ workshops outside the United States and any other information, please contact:

  • United States: 919 338-2723,
  • Puerto Rico: 787 646-3691,
  • Spain: +34 985 86 18 04,


Once you have taken Paramita Path Basic and Advanced workshops, you are ready for additional spiritual work. The following workshops will assist you in your spiritual journey.


Your Karma in the New World

Now that we have entered the New World, you are empowered to not only resolve your karmic issues, but rewrite your karmic contracts and release other people in your life from their contracts and agreeements with you. During this workshop, you receive a unique attunement that connects you with the Angels of Karma. You learn a powerful process to resolve your karma at all levels. This process will initiate powerful changes in your life as the karmic causes of illness, difficult situations, challenging relationships and personality issues are resolved.

If you would like to learn more about your karma and its effects on your life and learn a simple yet potent process to heal relationships, situations and conditions that are influenced by past lives, please join us in this journey. 


  • United States: 919 338-2723,
  • Puerto Rico: 787 646-3691,
  • Spain: +34 985 86 18 04,

Date:  Saturday, October 15, 2016, from 10AM to 5PM

Place:  Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Cost: $100

For information on registration, workshops outside of the United States and other details, please contact us at: or 919 338-2723. 

Creating Your Sacred Space

This workshop offers you a step-by-step process to transform your home into an oasis of peace, harmony and healing. You are given specific techniques to diagnose the location of dense energy in your home, do energy clearing, space healing and identify and cure geopathic stress. You receive everything you need to create a sacred space of radiant Light. 


There are no Creating Your Sacred Space workshops planned for the rest of the year. Please check this website again for information on workshop dates in 2017.

Contact:  Paramita Path Center: 919 338-2723,

Paramita Path Locations:

United States

  • Paramita Path Center, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 919 338-2723,

Puerto Rico

  • Centro Paramita, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 787 646-591,


  • Sendero Paramita en La Calma, Asturias, Spain,  +34 985 86 18 04, (workshops, retreats and other programs are offered in Spanish and English)

For more detailed information on the extensive Paramita Path programs at La Calma, Spain, kindly visit:


Sacred Enlightenment Retreats

Spiritual awakening through a Gift of Grace is possible because of the potent Light of Oneness that is flowing to Earth. A powerful push toward effortless enlightenment exists now and it is available to all who are willing to allow it into their being. The Light of Oneness is a divine energy that allows us to transition toward a new reality of high vibrational frequencies, powered by pure Love and filled with the radiance of pure Presence.

If you yearn for peace, love and joy to fill your life and are willing to open your heart and accept this gift of grace, we invite you to join us in this sublime journey.   

Sacred Enlightenment retreats are held in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 


Sacred Enlightenment (Retreat I)  

During this three day retreat,  Alba transmits the Sacred Enlightenment attunements and gives you specific instructions to awaken and maintain the state of enlightenment until it stabilizes in your being permanently. Within months, weeks, or even days (depending on your free will) you will enjoy a stable enlightenment experience and, if you choose to remain in this state of awakening, you can do so.  The retreat includes:

  •  Powerful attunements to ignite the flame of Sacred Enlightenment in your heart and your whole being 
  • Techniques to raise your vibrations and keep them elevated at all times
  • Techniques to raise the vibration of emotions
  • Activation of the vagus nerve and a process to keep it in optimum conditions
  • Specific techniques to surrender obstacles and attachments
  • Meditations to ground the energy of Sacred Enlightenment in your being 
  • Specific steps to maintain awareness that you are your Infinite Self
  • Method to connect to your alternate self 
  • Orally transmitted teachings
  • Love, Love, Love …. and more Love

Dates: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 20, 21 and 22, 2016, from 10AM . 

Place:  Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Cost: $300

For information on registration and other details, please contact us at: or 919 338-2723. 


Sacred Enlightenment (Retreat II)  

 Although in the first retreat all necessary attunements and teachings are given in order to awaken enlightenment in your heart, it is important to maintain this sacred state in everyday life by remaining in the high level a vibration achieved during the retreat. In order to do so, many participants from the first retreat requested a "tune-up."  The second Sacred Enlightenment retreat includes the following and much more:  

  • Unification of the Luminous Body
  • Activation of your crystalline body
  • A beautiful technique to absorb Pure Light
  • New glandular and cellular activations
  • New teachings on cellular healing
  • A beautiful attunement to activate the Mouth of God that exists in a     dormant state in your energy body
  • Additional practices to open your heart more and more
  • Love, Love, Love …. and more Love.

The second three day retreat is offered in response to the request of Retreat I participants. It is offers an opportunity to deepen and expand the experience of sacred enlightenment.  

Date:  Thursday, Friday and Saturday, September 27, 28, 29, 2016, from 10AM. Place:  Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Cost: $300

Sacred Enlightenment retreats take place at the Paramita Path Center, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. For more information on hotels, schedule, and other details, kindly contact: Paramita Path offices at 919 338-2823. Or email us at  









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