To Fear Or Not To Fear


Some of you have written about emotions such as sadness, fear, frustration and so on that arise within you. You ask why this happens and what can be done about these unwanted emotions.

All emotions arise from the ego. The ego is the mistaken idea we have of who/what we are. The ego convinces us that we are separate, limited beings tied to the material world and separate from the Creator. The ego is that part of ourselves that deludes us into believing not only that we are separate from the Creator, but also from others and from the rest of reality. The ego’s only interest is to keep itself alive, strong and dominant by making us feel separate from the rest of existence and driving us further away from union with the Creator. Union causes the dissolution of the ego and the ego will do anything to avoid its own destruction.

This is the false reality of the ego. The truth is that we are not separate from the Creator and never have been. We are divine beings, the Creator’s divine sparks. Yet, the ego convinces us that this is not who we are and that returning to the Creator is impossible because we do not deserve it.

The ego’s principal weapon used to keep us ignorant of who we really are is fear. Fear is the underlying emotion that gives rise to all other emotions of the ego. Fear is behind all sadness, all frustration, all anger, all pain. And every fear you experience, whether it is fear of another person or fear of death or fear of illness or fear of being hurt, is born from a primordial fear, the fear of all fears. The root of your negative emotions is the fear of never being able to return to the Creator because you do not deserve it. This is the fear we must address. Once we dive into the many layers of fear, its multiple manifestations, we can understand this fear and transcend it. Then, all other emotions, born as they are of this primordial fear, will relinquish their hold on us and the ego loses power. When this happens, we become aware of who we really are and an all-abiding peace settles into our hearts.

So how do you deal with the root of all fear? How do you cope with sadness, fear of specific persons and situations, anger and all the other emotions that are born of the fundamental fear used by the ego against you? You do this by being aware that you are a divine spark, one with the Creator, and by living your life in the true Reality of the Creator’s Love and Light.  You do this by being aware that the emotions that arise within you are based on a fear that has no basis whatsoever in the true reality of the Creator’s Love. It doesn’t matter whether you believe that you deserve to return to the Creator or not. You are already one with God, the Divine Presence that is everything, and it is only a false belief in your separation that makes you believe that the separation actually occurred. Let the emotions arise and acknowledge them for what they are: another manifestation of the ego’s false reality.

Turn all your thoughts toward God, open your heart to the Creator’s Love, allow this Love to be present in all your actions, thoughts, words, relationships, in the multitude of instances that make up your life. Feel gratitude for being such a beautiful spark of pure Presence, bring the sacred into every aspect of your being and one day you will look out into the world and realize that the sadness is gone, the anger is gone, the fear of someone or something is gone. You realize that the Creator is in you, and always has been, and there is nothing to fear. The primordial fear is replaced by the peace of the Creator’s Presence.

At that moment you understand everything.

In the meantime, whenever you feel sadness, anger, specific fears, frustration or any other emotion, look at it objectively, knowing that the pain, grief, worry, anger is not who you are. You are not what you experience and you do not identify with your emotions. You observe your experience and instead of holding onto it, you choose to surrender it to the Creator. You let it go and by letting it go you are free to enjoy the peace and love that you truly are.

I leave you with this beautiful teaching:

An elder Cherokee Native American was teaching his grandchildren about life. 

He said to them, "A fight is going on inside me. It is a terrible fight, and it is between two wolves. One wolf represents fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, pride, and superiority. 

The other wolf stands for joy, peace, love, hope, sharing, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. 

This same fight is going on inside of you and every other person too."

 The children thought about it for a minute and then one child asked his grandfather, 

"Which wolf will win?" The old Cherokee replied: "The one I feed."

Time For Everything


There is plenty of time to harmonize our lives and strike a balance between the tasks of daily life and our spiritual practice. Even more than finding this balance, with practice we can elevate our daily lives so we live every moment in the highest planes of Light. If we devote our energies to what is permanent rather than the transitory, we can transcend the false reality of the ego that keeps us tied to the dense energies of the world of illusion. That way our lives become spiritualized in every aspect and we can bring this elevated energy to everything we do.

When we turn away from transitory and unnecessary activities that rob us of time and we take that time to meditate, be conscious of the Divine Presence, radiate Light and other spiritual practices, we find that everything in our life flows and the spiritual infuses our material world, illuminating it. Our relationships with others become spiritualized and our daily activities take on the beautiful contours of Light.

But, if we spend our lives in the din of unnecessary telephone calls, sterile conversations, gossip, distractions like watching TV, texting and surfing the net, our energies become denser, we succumb to the hypnotic lure of the ego and we spend our life without having lived it in the true Reality of God.

It is so liberating to escape the ego trance that keeps us tied to distractions. We awaken from the dream, tear off the veils and perceive the true Reality of our being. We are divine sparks. We are reborn in the Light. 

This retreat is a wonderful opportunity to use every moment to accelerate your spiritual growth through your daily activities. No matter what you are doing, at work or other pursuits, use that time to fill yourself with Light. Simply have the intention and the Light will be there filling your heart and your whole being with its radiance, Love and healing. Every moment, you can have the intention that the Creator's Love flow through you. This Divine Love is healing, protective and will open your heart more and more.

You need not spend one moment "away" from God. Practice being aware of the Creator's presence within you at all times, no matter what you are doing. Keep in mind that the silence, the peace of the Creator's presence is always there beyond the noise, beyond the words, beyond all else. Always present.

Remember to review your day before bedtime. Go over the things you did, your words, how you behaved, what your reactions to situations and persons were. How many times were your actions and words based on your ego? Were you in your heart? Were you conscious of the Creator's presence within you? Reflect on your day and write down your reflections. This will allow you to integrate your experiences. If you made a mistake, forgive yourself and have the intention of acting differently next time you face the same situation.

Invoke the Creator's presence in all situations, at all times. This applies to your sleeping hours also. As you go to sleep every night, have the intention of being in union with the Creator. Ask to be filled with the Creator's Light, aligning your energies to the energies of the Creator's Love. Let your last thought before going to sleep be one of love and union with the Beloved.

Remember, the Creator is closer to you than your breath.

A Zen story


I share with you a story from the Zen tradition.

Heavy rain was falling as Tanzan and Ekido, two Buddhist monks, traveled together on a muddy path. On the way, they met a beautiful girl in a bright red silk kimono. Because of the flooded path, she was unable to cross to the other side of the road. "Come on, girl," Tanzan said at once. Effortlessly, he lifted the girl in his arms and carried her over the mud to the opposite side.

Ekido was silent. He did not speak again until that night when they arrived at the monastery. Then he no longer could restrain himself. "We monks don't go near females," he told Tanzan, "especially not young and lovely ones. It is dangerous. Why did you do that?"  Tanzan looked at his fellow-monk thoughtfully. "I left the girl there," he responded. "Why are you still carrying her?"

You may find it helpful to meditate on this story and how it is relevant to your own life, especially during this retreat. Please share with us any thoughts or insights you may have.

May the beautiful Light in your heart guide you always.


With gratitude


Thank you, thank you for your comments. Your comments are a column that sustain this retreat supporting participants and offering a generous sharing of experiences that provides sustenance and strengthens everyone. You have co-created a beautiful community of hearts focused on the Light.

Although it isn’t possible to respond to all comments, I read each one before posting and a channel of communication arises between us in that beautiful language of the heart. When several persons express the same concerns, as in the case of our most recent topic on forgiveness, I will respond to this common issue in a general post.

I invite you to respond to the comments of other participants if a comment moves you or expresses a shared experience. An ongoing conversation could then take place among retreat participants who, at a soul level, already know each other well.

When you meditate or during a quiet moment of your day, have the intention of connecting to the group. Your souls agreed to meet here and from this spiritual base, to walk hand-in-hand to the Heart of God.

You walk in Grace.


Personal Size Pizza

1 small eggplant, sliced

1 medium zucchini, sliced 1 red onion, cut into small wedges

1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced 1 yellow bell pepper, thinly sliced 1 Tbsp. olive oil 1 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar 1/2 tsp. dried thyme 1/2 tsp. black pepper 4 individual pizza shells 1/2 cup tomato sauce

Preheat the oven to 425° F.

Combine the eggplant, zucchini, onion, bell peppers, oil, vinegar, thyme, and pepper in a large baking dish and toss to mix well. Bake, stirring occasionally, for 20 minutes, or until the vegetables are tender. Set aside.

Place the pizza shells on baking sheets. Spread about 2 Tbsp. of the tomato sauce on each pizza shell, then top with the roasted vegetables. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until the pizza shells and vegetables are heated through.

Makes 4 servings

Seventy Times Seven


Many thanks to all who have written about forgiving persons who continue to hurt them. They ask: “How can I forgive someone who keeps hurting me? “Can you forgive and defend yourself too?” “How can I forgive someone who continues to hurt me in the present?”

One of the apostles asked Jesus how often he had to forgive someone who hurt him, if he should forgive them seven times. Jesus responded, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy times seven.” In other words, without limit. We continue to forgive with love and compassion in our heart countless times and without keeping scores.

To forgive does not mean that you allow or accept the repetition of ill-treatment. If you are hurt by someone with whom you can sever your relationship, then you can forgive the person and avoid further contact with him. When Buddha was insulted by someone, he told him: “I do not accept what you have given me and I am returning it to you.”

If the person who is hurting you is someone you need to maintain a relationship with, then you need to establish boundaries that the person cannot be allowed to cross. Let her know that her behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  For example, if the person insults you, let her know that you won’t speak to her unless she is willing to speak to you politely. And when the person insults you again, refuse to speak to her. If despite all your efforts the person insists on hurting you, continue forgiving her with love and  compassion and a deep understanding that this person is deeply hurt and in need of healing.

And the most important thing you can do is surrender the situation to the Creator. Surrender everything from your heart. At that moment when the person hurts you, in that present moment, surrender the offense to the Creator. Don’t wait for the hurt to penetrate your being and affect you with its dense energies. Let the hurt go as soon as you can by surrendering it to the Creator. “I don’t accept what you have given me and I give it back to you.” And in your heart, chant the powerful mantra: “I want the Creator’s peace in my heart more than I want this grievance.”

Also surrender your fear to the Creator. Nothing, no one can hurt you when you are cloaked in the divine Light. Trust that this is so, trust that you are safe in the Sweet Embrace. Trust in the impenetrability of the Light by any dense energy.

When the person who is hurting you perceives you as serene and trusting in the Creator, you will be surprised to see that he either changes or disappears from your life because you have learned a spiritual lesson of enormous importance and no longer need the person to push you into learning it. At that moment, you will make a tremendous leap in your spiritual growth.  At that moment of sublime surrender you free yourself from all the ties that have kept you captive and you soar to the highest dimensions of Light.

May you rest in the Sweet Embrace knowing with absolute confidence and trust that you are safe in the Light.


Forgiveness Meditation

  • Forgiveness begins with compassion that is a very evolved capacity of the soul. The more compassion you feel, the less you are affected by the energies of others. So feel the Creator’s Love and Compassion in your heart now and feel this divine compassion in your whole being.
  • Ask the Angel of Compassion to accompany you during this meditation. This is a great being of compassion who can help you to open your heart and forgive. Allow this great being of Light to blend with you now.
  • Feel the compassion that this being has for you and feel the Creator’s compassion in your heart. Every particle of your being is nourished by the Creator’s Love and Compassion and by the great love that the Angel of Compassion has for you. Allow your heart to open with the Light of this being and observe the energy in the heart of this being, letting your own energy open and resonate with the same level of compassion.
  • And begin feeling compassion for yourself, for all the hard work you do, for the loving being that you are. Think about how generous you are. Look at yourself through the eyes of this Angel of Compassion who is with you now. Take a moment to feel this compassion for yourself, this unconditional love and acceptance of yourself.
  • Now, imagine that you are evolving and becoming a being of great compassion, just like the Angel of Compassion. And allow this great being to blend with you even more. And feeling this great angel in your being and deep compassion in your heart, think about a person who has hurt you. Look at this person now with your internal eyes, with unconditional love, with complete compassion.
  • Now give your complete acceptance to this person and recognize the beauty and love that is in this person. Recognize that this person is a spark of the Creator, just as you are. And feel how your heart opens as you think about the person in this way. You are on a path of compassion. This is the path of forgiveness and you realize that it is time to forgive, to let go of all the attachments to your resentment, grievances, bitterness and hurt. Every time you forgive, you free yourself. It is time to be free.
  • With all this compassion that you now feel, say to this person: “I forgive you. You are perfect just as you are. I let go of any energy that exists between us that is not love. And I forgive myself.”
  • Now, notice if there is anything else, any emotion, any dense energy in any part of your body that is causing contraction. Notice if there is anything else you need to let go of. And let go of the energy of this person now, let go of all of this person’s energy that is causing contraction. And fill that area of your body with Light. Simply radiate that area with the Creator’s Light.
  • Now, ask this person to forgive you. Feel your compassion for this person and feel the unconditional love that you are capable of feeling. Recognize the Light and the divinity that exist in this person and then let the image of the person dissolve in the Light.
  • You are now free. You have within you the freedom to forgive others and as you do this, you free yourself. Feel the love in your heart and the deep compassion that you are capable of feeling. Feel the Love in your heart and feel the Creator’s Light in your whole being. The Angel of Compassion helps you to open your heart even more and to receive more Light, more Love. Feel how your heart opens more and more.
  • When you are ready to return from the meditation, thank the Angel of Compassion and all the beings of Light who helped you. Be grateful to the Creator for the blessing that allowed you to forgive and free yourself so you may love more.

You can do this meditation for all the persons you need to forgive and to forgive yourself for past mistakes.

You can do this meditation as many times as is necessary for each person until you feel, deep in your heart, that you have truly forgiven the person.

Forgiveness: The Steps

The following steps will help you to forgive yourself and others. Reflect upon these and, if you find them helpful, include them in your spiritual practice.

  •  Forgiveness brings you to the peace in your heart. Remember that whatever you don’t forgive fills you with emotions, such as anger, resentment, hatred, bitterness that rob you of all peace. Identify these emotions and have the intention of letting them go so you can feel the peace in your heart once more.
  • Let go of your expectations of others. Don’t expect others to act as you do, don’t expect others to give you what you wish for. As you let go of all expectations of others, you will find much serenity and joy in your life.
  • Let go of all judgment and blame.
  • Let go of the past. Live in the present.
  • Every time you think about someone who hurt you, decide at that very moment to go into your heart and fill your mind and heart with the Divine Presence.
  • Whenever you think of someone who has hurt you, remember and recognize that this person is also a beautiful spark of the Creator’s Heart.
  • When you think about a hurt, a grievance or resentment, say the following: “I want the Creator’s peace more than I want this grievance. I want the Creator’s peace more than I want this resentment.”
  • Practice the Forgiveness Meditation based on unconditional love that appears in the next post.


Lack of forgiveness is perhaps one of the biggest obstacles in your spiritual path. It creates a barrier that does not allow your heart to open completely. It is when you forgive those who have hurt you that this barrier is able to crumble so that your heart can open to God’s infinite peace. As your heart opens to the Creator, you let go of the negative energy formed by the bitterness, grievances and pain you have held within you. The blockages are removed, your heart fills with Light and you can radiate the precious gift of this Light to others. The scars in your heart heal and your heart fills with love, compassion, joy and peace. Your heart expands to infinity.

 Although forgiveness is a necessary step in opening your heart, very often it is  difficult to  forgive. You will need to make a firm effort to remove the weight of your  hurt, the ache of  your grievances. There will be times when you believe you have  forgiven someone only to be  surprised by the feelings of anger or sadness that arise within you when you talk to this person or when you think about him or her. This is when you realize that it seems impossible for you to love the person who has hurt you and this can only mean that you have not forgiven from your heart. Instead of feeling guilty for not forgiving, this is the time to renew your efforts and strengthen your practice of unconditional love. At times like these, be grateful that you were able to understand that the forgiveness you thought you had given has not occurred. And forgive yourself for still being attached to your hurt. It is not necessary to justify the actions of those who hurt us. We simply understand that their actions were the result of their lack of understanding, their inability to act in other ways and we do this without judgment.

You know that you have forgiven someone when you can think about the person without emotions, only with feelings of love and compassion in your heart. You know that you have forgiven when you can understand why the person acted the way he or she did, realizing that if you were in this person’s place you probably would have behaved the same way. You understand that this person was incapable of behaving differently.

We are all capable of the most extreme actions and it is this understanding about our common humanity that allows us to forgive completely. If we accept the reality that we are one, then the actions of another are ours and our actions are everyone’s. We gain so much when we allow ourselves to give to others the precious gift of forgiveness, recognizing that our absolute union with the Creator unites us all. And just as important as this, are the other gifts that forgiveness gives us. The scars in our heart heal, our heart fills with love and compassion and we feel the joy of being one with the Creator and all of Creation.

In order to forgive, we have to be willing to let go of blame and judgment. Whatever happened has happened. What a person did has been done and we need to move toward a state of liberation where there is only peace and joy in our heart. We do not accept what a person has done; we accept that the situation has passed. When we can transcend blame, judgment and move on to a state of equanimity toward the person who has hurt us, we arrive fully at the purity of the heart.

Forgiveness empowers love. When we forgive we take the first step in loving ourselves and this opens the door toward loving others. When we forgive, we give freely of ourselves in compassion. Our hearts awaken and open. At the beginning, we might feel empathy, then compassion, until finally we let go of our hurts, grievances and bitterness and all of our pain dissolves in the Light that comes through our open and loving heart. At that moment, we are free.

There is no past. The present moment is all that exists. Therefore, our past actions and the past actions of others do not exist. Why, then, focus on that which does not exist? Why allow this nothingness to cause us suffering, pain, hatred, resentment? Living in the present moment we can let go of our entire past in a moment of sublime surrender. The only thing we need for this to occur is our firm decision not to suffer any longer. We achieve this by living in the present moment, conscious that we live in the Creator’s Grace.

 Forgiveness is the greatest healer. Forgiveness is letting go of all the things that hurt  us in  the past. It is a firm decision not to suffer any more, of healing the heart and  focusing on the  present moment. It is a firm decision to devalue anger, resentment,  grievances and bitterness.  Forgiveness also means not wishing harm on anyone or on  ourselves over something that  happened in the past. Forgiving ourselves is the first step in forgiving others completely. As we forgive others, we forgive ourselves too. It’s a beautiful circle of love. Forgiveness is indispensable in the liberation of the self.

The following posts include steps you may wish to take to forgive yourself and others. Also included is a Forgiveness Meditation. Take advantage of this spiritual retreat to free your heart of all the grievances in your being through the gift of forgiveness. Let your heart be free.

May the beautiful Light in your heart guide you to complete forgiveness and unconditional love.


As we enter


We enter fully into the first day of our personal retreat, with our hearts open and filled with peace. The Creator's Love flows through our being, radiant and luminous, and our hearts radiate Light.

Time ceases and we find ourselves in the present moment, moving into the depths of our hearts. The Creator's presence is there waiting. This beloved, infinite and eternal Presence has always been there and will always be there. We rest in the Creator's Peace.

Open the door. You have the key.



Before you begin the Personal Retreat tomorrow, take a few moments to reflect upon the beautiful blessings you will receive as you open your heart to accept them. Imagine your life, all your actions, all your thoughts, all your intentions, all the things in your daily life, radiant with Light.

Feel your heart, feel the Creator’s spark in your being. Feel the Divine Presence. Feel the Light that flows to your heart and fills it with Love, with peace. And within the deep peace in your heart, you set your intention for the next 21 days.

  • You have the intention that during these days of stillness and silence, you will open your heart to the Creator’s luminous Love.
  • You have the intention of being conscious of the Creator’s presence within your being at all times.
  • You have the intention of being grateful for the blessings you receive every moment.
  • You have the intention of forgiving all grievances so you may open your heart completely.
  • You have the intention of loving others unconditionally, beginning with loving yourself.
  • You have the intention, within the crystalline Light of the Creator, to remove the veils that do not allow you to see the true Reality.
  • You have the intention of recognizing the illusion of the ego and transcending it.
  • You have the intention of seeing clearly that you exist in the elevated Reality of the Creator’s Love where there is only perfection and Light.
  • You have the intention of seeing, with a crystalline inner vision, that you are a being of Light and of recognizing the divine nature of your being.
  • You have the intention of being Love, of being Light and of living your life from this heightened state of awarenes.
  • You have the intention of following the directions of these 21 days with joy in your heart, recognizing that by doing so you come closer and closer to our Beloved Creator.
  • You have the intention of uniting your heart with the hearts of all the participants in the Retreat and in this heart-to-heart union, you are propelled together toward a perfect union with our Beloved Creator.

Remember: You walk in the Light.



In a few days  you will begin the Paramita Path Personal Retreat. I invite you to take a few moments to review carefully the instructions that appear in this blog and make the necessary preparations, including schedule adjustments, shopping for  healthy food and anything else you may need so that this experience can be one of great spiritual growth.

Beautiful portals in the highest planes of Light are opening to receive you during this period of  spiritual evolution. You will receive much assistance from angels, archangels and other beings of Light. There will be healings at all levels. Your hearts will open as they have never opened before. You will feel the Creator's Presence very deeply in your being. From the time when you make the commitment to participate in this retreat by subscribing to the blog, we will begin transmitting to you the necessary Light to make it possible to reach your next level of spiritual evolution.

Please remember to post frequent comments on this blog, sharing your experiences. This will help you to integrate the spiritual transformations that are likely to occur. If something comes up of a personal nature that you do not wish to share in this forum, you can email me:

I congratulate you for your willingness to make this commitment to your spiritual evolution and for all the work you are doing to come closer to Union with the Creator.

With Love,


Suggested Spiritual Readings


The personal retreat offers you a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon the wisdom of mystics and other spiritual beings who have shared their spiritual experiences with humanity. The following is a short list of some spiritual readings that may assist you in delving deeper into your being during these days of serenity and contemplation.

  • The Bhagavad Gita
  • The Gospel of Thomas: The Hidden Sayings of Jesus by Marvin Meyer
  • The Psalms
  • Imitation of Christ by Thomas de Kempis
  • Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda
  • The Confessions of St. Augustine
  • How To Talk With God by Yogananda
  • Messages of Water by Masaru Emoto
  • Black Elk Speaks: Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux by John G. Neihardt
  • Ghandi, An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments With Truth by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
  • The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins
  • Teachings on Love by Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh
  • The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran
  • The Alchemist by Paolo Cohello
  • Poetry by Rumi
  • Poetry by Hafiz
  • I Have A Dream by Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • A Simple Path by Mother Teresa
  • Dark Night of the Soul by St. John of the Cross
  • The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri
  • In Silence With God by Benedict Baur
  • Little Talks With God by Catherine of Siena
  • The Way of Perfection by Teresa of Avila
  • The Enlightened Mind: An Anthology of Sacred Prose, Stephen Mitchell
  • The Enlightened Heart: An Anthology of Sacred Poetry, Stephen Mitchell

Please feel free to share any readings that have assisted you in your path.

With Love,




Welcome to the Paramita Path Personal Retreat

Paramita Path 21-Day Personal Retreat November 1 to 21, 2011

We would like to invite you to the personal retreat sponsored by the Paramita Path, beginning on Tuesday, November 1st, and ending on Monday, the 21st of November. The retreat is open to all and you do not need to have taken the Paramita Path workshops to participate.

Besides preparing you spiritually for the New Light that will flow to Earth on 11-11-11, this retreat offers you many benefits:

  • You will achieve a deep spiritual awakening
  • Much of your karma will dissolve
  • Your ego will begin to yield its dominance
  • You will be more and more in your heart
  • You will fully enjoy the Divine Presence in your being
  • Your health will improve
  • Toxic substances in your physical body will be removed
  • You will feel more energized
  • Your mind will become clearer as your thoughts quiet down
  • You will be able to receive and transmit more Light
  • Much of the stress in your life will dissolve
  • And much, much more

In the next message, you may read the instructions for the Personal Retreat.

I hope you will join this beautiful spiritual practice.


Instructions for Participation in the Personal Retreat


During the 21 days of the retreat you will be able to carry out your daily work and family activities with the following changes to your daily routine:

  • No watching TV.
  • No reading or listening to news on the radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, Internet, etc.
  • Only read spiritual books (I will post a list of suggested readings in a few days).
  • Only listen to New Age, classical or meditation music.
  • Only use the Internet, telephone and email for work-related and important communications, such as reading this blog and posting comments here
  • Have one main meal a day and the others should be light meals*.
  • Wake up one hour earlier than usual. Use this time to meditate, pray, do self healing, distant healing or any other spiritual practice.
  • Meditate at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Spend at least one hour in silence and alone.
  • Don’t consume alcohol, red meat, sugar or junk food.  You may use Stevia, agave or honey if you crave something sweet. Don't consume artificial sweeteners. No smoking.
  • Have no more than two cups of caffeinated coffee or tea a day.
  • Do some type of physical exercise for 20-30 minutes*.
  • Spend time in nature everyday.
  • Don’t express dissatisfaction, don’t complain about anything.
  • Don’t judge or  criticize anything or anyone, including yourself.
  • Don’t question, don’t argue.
  • Be conscious of what you do every moment staying in the present moment.
  • Feel gratitude for the blessings that you receive, including things that may seem negative.
  • When something that seems negative occurs, reflect on the opportunity that it offers you to learn a lesson and to grow spiritually. Be grateful for this opportunity.
  • Be conscious of the presence of the Creator in your heart every moment.
  • Finish everything you need to do each day. Don't procrastinate.
  • Be conscious of staying in the highest planes of Light every moment.
  • Do something for someone else as often as you can without any personal gain and anonymously.
  • Surrender something to the Creator every day such as an attachment or situation.
  • Every night before going to bed, review your day. How did you handle situations? Did you criticize? Did you judge? Did you feel grateful ? Were you unloving to someone? Did you have moments when you behaved, spoke or thought from your ego? What aspects  of the day were difficult for you? Do you harbor resentment, anger or any other negative emotion in your being? Were you in your heart, enjoying the divine Presence? If you didn’t behave correctly in a specific situation, how can you improve in the future?
  • After reflecting upon your day, feel the Creator's presence in your heart and go to sleep with the peace of the divine presence in your being.
  • Every morning as soon as you wake up, surrender the day to the Creator. Review your day and radiate it with Light so that everything flows effortlessly. Intend that Divine Grace illuminate every step you take.
  • Reflection is important and writing helps integrate your spiritual experiences. Post your comments on this blog as you can, every day if possible, sharing your experiences. I will respond to the questions and concerns that are expressed on the blog so that all may benefit from the experiences shared.

 *if you have any health problems, please consult your doctor about the dietary and exercise suggestions and follow his or her recommendations.

 May this be an opportunity to achieve a deep spiritual awakening.



Welcome to Paramita Path’s new blog on spirituality, healing and lots more. Every few weeks we will post articles on topics of interest to spiritual seekers. We invite you to submit for discussion spiritual topics of interest to you. Topics may include:

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Healing Ourselves and the Earth
  • Meditation
  • Dreams
  • Karma
  • Kundalini
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A special section of the blog will address spiritual questions to be answered by me not because I know more than you do, but because I might be able to remind you of what you already know.  Feel free to respond to the questions others ask if you have something to share.  Delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes will be included in our blog, so please send us your favorites.

This blog is a way to keep in touch, share your experiences and stay connected to the Paramita Path community. The Paramita Path is a guiding star to enlightenment through love, compassion and service to all beings.

In an instant of surrender, the Creator’s Love settled in my heart and all is still since then, since always. I have been asked to share the pathless path with you.  May this blog be another instrument to assist you in awakening to your true self.